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prayer for Eliah Devarapa's school

Lord Jesus, I thank you for giving Eliah a vison of for a bible school in South India. I thank you for every student and staff member there and ask that You provide for them in miraculous ways. Multiply the supplies they have for Bible Study and grant that spills over into music, art, science, math, languages, literature, and history.

Lord protect them from anything that is not of You. Unite them and grant that they grow together and that leadership begins to build in the community. Grant that the school continues to grow and that the seed You planted as a vision would be able to plant another seed and another school.

Grant that the area they are in would be blessed as well, and draw people in through relationships so that those that wouldn't think they could go to school start to participate in some other way and then inspire new confidence in them.

Lord grant that Your Spirit is upon that area and more and more souls are won for Your kingdom and a little piece of heaven starts to spread from their community.

I thank You for the honor of knowing about this small school and for being able to pray for it now that I too am a teacher. I pray that the love of teaching that You are nurturing in me would also be in every staff member. Lord sometimes it is just plain hard, but it is such a rewarding job and such an amazing way to minister. Encourage the teachers Lord. Grant them wonderful, tender moments this week.

Protect the students from discouragement in the face of frustration. Grant that they see the process of learning and enjoy it. Lord if something is especially difficult, use the struggle for Your best for all of them. If there are varying ages, work out a way for everyone to be learning together. Grant discernment to those that are organizing.

Lord I thank You for education, especially being able to delve into the riches of Your Word. May Eliah and his school - students and staff - be abundantly blessed.

In Jesus name,
Lord you know their needs; move them to ask of you mighty things in your will for them, that Christ might be magnified in their eyes and His love poured out in their hearts. Amen with fightn above...and amen.
Lord God continue to build up that school, both with students and teachers, provide them what they need, equip them spiritually and academically. Grant that they are continually encouraged and excited to learn the wonders of Your creation and how we communicate with You and with each other.
In Jesus' name,

Anyone have an update on how they are doing?
I pray God will bless the souls of those in Eliah's school and his members and students. Let Thy will be done.
your sis in Christ, Julie.
Father God,

I thank You for Your continued care and for the work You are doing at Eliah's school.

Bless them in their studies in Kings and grant that as they study Solomon's wisdom, that they would gain wisdom. Grant that Your truth would be acted out in their lives through the decisions they make and that more and more people would come to know You and Your heart as they delve into Your word.

Whatever they need, provide it for them. Use Your church to support them financially, acadmemically, and spiritually.

Father grant that every student and staff memeber would have a contagious hunger for You and that Your will for each person would come to pass, that they would be fed in every way and that these students would grow into leaders for You.

In Jesus' name,
Lord - may your divine light inspire all who spread your word. Please remember our brothers and sisters today and grant them all they need to show your light today and always.Amen.

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