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prayer for dear friend

Hi Everyone,
I have a dear friend who is in desperate need of prayer right now. He seems to be severely depressed & is shutting everyone out. This is related to a recent event which he also won't reveal to me. He is always so strong for everyone else & doesn't seem to have patience with himself & any mistakes he might make that would result in someone being hurt. I don't know how to help him & I love him dearly...please help me pray.
Sapphire I know that it's a hard thing when a friend is hurting. The only advice I could offer is to just let him know you're there and that you care and are supportive of him. I will help you to pray for him too. God bless you and be with you and him.
Thanks guys....I think today is better for him, but I haven't talked with him yet. The being shut out thing really bothers me....he's been there for me & I guess I feel that I wasn't a good enough friend (in his eyes) to be there for him. I asked God to forgive me of that last night as I prayed for him. I don't want it to become a "why won't you share with ME?" thing. It's just a totally helpless feeling & it stinks.
Thanks for your prayers everyone...my friend is doing so much better. He has leapt from the pit to the mountaintop.....& praising God the whole way!! We talked last night & I did share the feeling of helplessness I had & he understood while I also understood that if he had talked the pain would only have been worse for him.
Glad to hear that the prayers helped sapphire. May the Lord walk with both your friend and yourself, amen
Thanks again...I did talk with him & life is once again wonderful. Then I am hit with a strange emotion...jealousy...because things worked out so quickly & beautifully. I'm still trying to work through some things that seem to have been going on forever with no end in sight. Why is it so easy for some people? Why do they get all the blessings? When I feel I have taken a firm stand to work with God...walk closer to Him...I feel He lets me be harshly knocked off my feet. When I become close to someone, He yanks them away. I don't get it...I'm hurting so badly right now & I have no person to talk to....I know God is there....I just don't feel it. This past year has been horrendous emotionally. I honestly can't take it anymore. I am so out of strength.