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prayer for Coconut

Lord Jesus,

You have put in Shelly a compassion for those seeking counsel and I pray You would continue to use her to give Your compassion and hope to the wounded in mind, body, and spirit. Thank You for her enthusiasm and fearlessness as well as her desire to assure others of Your faithfulness. You have shown us through Isaiah (51:12)

"I, I am your consoler.
Why then should you be afraid
of mortal human beings, of a child of man,
whose fate is that of the grass?
You forget about Yahweh, your Creator
who spread out the heavens and laid the earth's foundations,
and have never stopped trembling all day long
before the fury of the oppressor
when he was bent on destruction.
Where is the oppressor's fury now?
The despairing captive is soon to be set free;
he will not die in the dungeon,
nor will his food run out.
I am Yahweh your God who stirs up the sea, making its waves roar--
Yahweh Sabaoth is my name.
I put words into your mouth,
I hid you in the shadow of my hand,
to spread out the heavens and lay the earth's foundations
and say to Zion, 'You are my people.'"

Lord God grant that you continue to put words into our mouths and remind us all of the fact that our food- physical and spiritual will never run out. Especially encourage her daughter, who may still be on leave from work.

God I am in awe of how amazing You are, how much You do for us and how much more You long to do for us. Grant Your will in Shelly's life in an even bigger way than ever before. Protect her and her family from the enemy, send angels to them. Knit them together in Your love.

In Jesus' name
You have ministered greatly to me thru your prayers and the word of God sister, God bless you
Lord God I thank You for ministering to Shelly and may You continue to speak to us through Your word. God I thank You for her continuing care for praying for the children of the members of this community and I lift up Jon, Jolie and Cordell to You. Bless them abudnantly with Your peace and assurance of Your provision, good rest, rich fellowship, and bring them joy. God, continue to grow them together in Your love.

Lord, I know Coconut is a prayer warrior herself and as a leader, like all leadership is subject to such attack. Lord continue to encourage her at every turn - grant that every negative thought be captured by Your Spirit. Give her the deep peace and assurance that You are battling for us. Grant that she too has good rest and fellowship. Bless her marraige and her time with her sisters in the Lord. Equip her for every good work. Nourish her beautiful zeal and enthusiasm for You. Whatever she finds a challenge Lord, draw very near to her in those times so as to become even more perfected in faith.

(from Psalm 55)
For my part, I appeal to God,
and Yahweh saves me...

He hears my cry,
he ransoms me and gives me peace."

In Jesus' name
Oh, yes, Lord, I echo fghtngwrmwood's prayer, please protect Coconut from attacks as she ministers and bless her in every way, in Jesus name, Amen.
Father God,

I thank You for speaking to Shelly through Your word about Your light yoke. Praise You for doing amazing works through us, things we could never do on our own strength. Praise You for drawing us back to You when we are not yoked with You and showing us how.

from Psalm 84
"How blessed are those who live in your house;
they shall praise you continually.
Belssed are those who find thier strength in you,
whose hearts are set on pilgrimage."

God I thank You for Shelly's and her husband's hearts to stay on Your path. I pray that her children would all continue to trust You as well and protect their family from spiritual attack. Grant that they all hold fast to You, by Your Spirit. Your word says that you direct our steps and may Shelly's family sense You at every step. Thank You for Your care for us.

In Jesus name,

Thank You for my sister Shelly and for her heart of prayer and heart for prayer. Grant that you protect, nourish, and bless her through her praise and thanksgiving - grant her much to praise You for! Grant that as she walks through her day with You, she would sense You near and would have joy and peace. I pray this also for her husband and children.

Lord grant that Fellowservant is not in pain and encourage them both in their marriage. Work miraculously Father. Heal him and grant them sweet and light times together.

Father be with Jolie, Cordell and Jon as well. Grant that Your Spirit would guide their every decision and they would total confidence and trust in You. Grant that Your will be done in their lives and that they strive to give You their all for Your glory. Protect them from the enemy. Grant they seek only You as their refuge.

In Jesus' name,
Jr 29:12,13

"Yes, I know what plans I have in mind for you, Yahweh declares, plans for peace, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. When you call to me and come and pray to me, I shall listen to you. When you search of me, you will find me; when you search wholeheartedly for me, I shall let you find me."

Father God grant that this knowledge would go deep into Jolie, Cordell, Jon, Shelly, and Fellowservant's hearts. I thank You so much for their prayerful hearts for You and ask that You remind them of the peace they have in You and the future and hope they can be confident of. Lord, I thank You so much for inspiring Shelly to begin the Pray the Children thread and ask this for those children as well.

I pray you would continue to move Shelly by Your Spirit and encourage her as she seeks you wholeheartedly. Father, Jr also says (20:8,9):

"For me, Yahweh's word has been the cause
of insult and derision all day long."

Protect Shelly and if she takes hits for You, grant that she feels You draw very near at those times and grieve with her. Equip her, keep her in good, unified fellowship, and continue to bless her times with her family and especially with her husband so that they grow in peace and love.

In Jesus' name,
Father God,

I thank You for Shelly and using her to encourage others here on the site. Bless her as she reads, counsels, posts, ministers, and prays. Thank You that You have kept her plate full and for all her blessings and grant too that she has enough time of rest and that she is refreshed and restored.

Bless her marriage and her family. Grant that Cordell, Jon, and Jolie have Your peace. God your word, in James says, "the nearer you are to God, the nearer God will come to you." Grant that they continue to call out to You, give in to You, lean on You, wait on You, and pour themselves out to You. Use them for Your kingdom and grant that they are ministered to, to the very depths of who they are, growing ever more into the people You made them to be.

Bless Shelly's prayers and grant that she see some fruit, even though You don't always show us that Lord, give her a glimpse. Protect her, be real to her, grant her a season of joy.

In Jesus' name,
Daniel 7:9

"While I was watching
thrones were set in place
and one most venerable took his seat.
His robe was white as snow,
the hair of his head as pure as wool.
His throne was a blaze of flames,
its wheels were a burning fire."

Glory to You Lord, You are great and mighty, beyond human understanding. And yet, You are a most venerable and tender God.

I thank You for this tender love and ask that You continue to nurture Shelly's heart as well as her family's. Protect their tender hearts with Your awesome power, guard them and guide them by Your spirit. Grant that Jon, Jolie, and Cordell are wise as serpents but gentle as doves. Father I thank You for Your simple and yet sometimes heartbreaking call. Whatever they are going through, whether they are experiencing joy or wrestling, grant them wisdom and endurance by Your Spirit.

Thank You for the wisdom You have given Shelly and her heart to please and serve only You. As she seeks to go deeper with this, grant that she marvels as well as rests in Your greatness. May she sense Your faithfulness and be at peace. Bless her time with You, her husband and family, and all her work and ministry.

In Jesus name,
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Glory to You Lord, You are great and mighty, beyond human understanding. And yet, You are a most venerable and tender God.

Amen! Thank you Jesus! I get tears in my eyes everytime I read these prayers for us, only God can know how much the love you all have shown towards us encourages us. I pray God rewards you all double fold for your kindness and care!
Thank You sister for your encouragement and praise God for the joy and healing that flows from Him that words cannot express.

Alleluia Father! You amaze us all!

It is also so beautiful when I see other members joining in in prayers on these threads and when I see the names at the bottom. So thanks (in this case) Dreamer and andrewnicholas and other people praying along, whether you post or not - God bless you all double fold as well.

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Father God,

Thank You for putting the thirst for You on the heart of Shelly and bless her as she meditates on this, bless others and that post ministers to them.

Grant that we are a body of believers that continually pine after You, seek You with every action, not just thanking You what You provide to satisfy us, but hungering and thirsting after You more than anything. Teach us to be a body that calls on You. As the Psalm says, 'As for me, if I lie down in sleep, I shall awake, for Yahweh sustains me."

Lead us all to a greater dependence in You to sustain us.

Protect Shelly as she ministers to people in her life, both on and offline. Bless all her relationships and especially her marriage. Grant that as she leans on You, she is full of peace and love. Grant that Jolie, Cordell, and Jon are also blessed with Your peace and faithful love and that they too thirst after You more than anything.

Father thank You for creating us to depend on You, to know true love, to be able to be love for others. Thank You for Your Spirit which speaks to us through our hunger and thank You that we never need thirst when we drink from You, as promised to us so sweetly in John's Gospel -
"but no one who drinks the water that I shall give him
will ever be thirsty again.
the water I shall give him
will become in him a spring of water, welling up for eternal life."

May the water of life well up in Shelly and her family.

I praise and thank You and ask all these things in Jesus' name,
Heavenly Father . I ask for you favour and blessings to be upon our sister . Father , I ask you for your protection over her and her whole house Lord . Father God . I pray for her children Lord . I give you all Glory and thanks Lord for their restoration into your Kingdom .

I ask you Father , to give strength to Coco and hear all her prayers Lord . I thank you for her service here at TalkJesus Lord . Lord Jesus . Glorify yourself through her in this place and meet all her earthly needs . Grant her all Grace and Peace , in Jesus name ... Amen .

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