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Prayer for Christian "sex offenders" who are homeless

Please lift up all the Brothers, and even some sisters in Christ who because of past mistakes and now getting out of prison or have been out of prison and are "sex offenders". I know some of these folks and all they want to do is find a church that would accept them. The big thing is that they're not allowed to live in so many areas that a big percentage have to become homeless so this only makes the problem worse for them. They are considered the "modern day leper" even by their own brothers and sisters in Christ. I was told by one that a pastor at a popular non-denominational church told him that the church is concerned about their reputation. And he had to find another church just to fill welcome. He's still not sure if he actually is welcome but he knows God is working in his life and he is trusting his Lord and Savior Jesus. Please pray for them to ask our God what His will is for them and for the strength to follow His will. "EVERYONE IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR SOMEONE TO DIE FOR THEM". Know what I mean?
Praise the Lord God Almighty
What a God we serve...Agape from Him is what it's all about to all.........
You are thinking right and godly. I wish that I could think like that but I don't, may God forgive me. I would fear for the children in the church. It might be easy if your children are all grown up and you have no grandchildren, but the mothers and fathers of the church wouldn't like a sex offender around their children. In the secular, I have heard that sex offenders of children can never be changed. I know the power of God can do it, but I also know the flesh and the devil and temptation and that some people do fall into sin again. I applaud you for your acceptance of sex offenders, but Im just not trusting enough to have them around the children. One molestation, or sexual act and that child can be ruined so that they may not ever get over it and they carry that into their married life. This all comes from fear but I would not want a child or grandchild of mine around a child molester.
You said that they were sex offenders but you didn't mention what kind of offense it was. Even if it was with women or girls I would not trust the person not to fall back into sin again because it is such a horrible crime for a female to have to suffer. I don't want to hold their past sins against them, Im not God, Im just thinking of the present and what could happen. As for the person themselves, they are human beings, and we are to love all people and especially the brothers and sisters in Christ and I do. Trust and love are two different things as it pertains to human beings. We cannot be careless with our children or women in the congregation. Could I go to church and sit by them? Absolutely I could. Even at night and/or alone working with a transformed sex offender I would be able to put it out of my mind, but still I would not put the children in any known risk or expect the women in the church to be around a sex offender.
This is NOT the way Jesus thinks, but He is the one who knows their heart and if they will re-offend. If I could be sure they wouldn't, then no problem, but how could you be absolutely sure.
I am praying for those found in such a very difficult situation with a history of sex offense and also for those who need to know how to respond to them as brothers and sisters in Christ. As has already been said, we are naturally very concerned for our children and other children who may needlessly suffer because we thought someone was changed and we took a chance.

We must pray that God helps us to always be listening and to always be hearing the Master's voice clearly. Only then will we always know the way that God wants us to go and to act with people with such histories so as to make them feel a part and to not unnecessarily subject the weak and/or innocent to them should former offenders backslide into their old ways.

We alone are not able. But... our God, He is able!
I pray for ALL our brothers and sisters who through whatever reason are homeless, that God help them. Regardless of the reason, I would pray that they find a home.
Praise God and I thank you for your response.
It's very difficult for folks to understand some of the "sensationalizing" by the media that has happened here to our brothers and sisters who have previously done this type of crime. Remember, the sex offender is someone who either relieved himself (urinated) out in public and somebody was offended by that and called the police all the way to rape. Beastiality is not included and neither is a bedroom filled with "legal" pornography or the owners and patrons of sex shops. The recidivism rate for sex offenders is one of the lowest among former convicts (not including parole or probation violations which could be just about anything, and I mean anything that the parole agent deems wrong...no joke). Because we as humans enjoy bad news twice as much as good news (fact), the media mostly only reports child molestation with the occasional adult rape. Think about this now...not all convicted molesters of children or adults were born with a "mark" on them as a sex offender. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice, the facts are that only about 5% of offenders actually re offend with a sex crime. Only a small part of that is actually for child molestation. Part of that 5% is also for adult rape both men and women. But this does not mean that they re offend with the exact same crime as their original crime. Included in the percentage is any type of new sex crime whatever that is and it is different in just about every state.

I wouldn't worry too much if a registered sex offender came into the church where I worship and fellowship. If I were to worry about kids or women, I would worry about the people who haven't "YET" done this horrible crime or the ones who have that kind of spiritual attack daily. They're out there and they're in the body of Christ. I love them all no matter who they are and I want to pray with them and hug them. I would love to worship and fellowship with them more than anyone else if I had to discriminate because they cannot puff themselves up. They've already been down on their knees repenting and the only place they had to look was UP! I don't think they want to go back to prison and by human default, we watch them like a hawk but these crimes still happen, but 95% of the time, it's not by them.

I want to be with all the "unwanted" members of our society. God wants them. He loves them and so do I. Hold them close if you don't trust them. If you want to keep an eye on them, hang out with them and you'll know them personally and you might see yourself in more of a godly way because you're finding out they're as normal as you and me. Doesn't Jesus want to be close to us in that way? Remember the Lepers, the Samaritans? Praise God and thank Him for our challenges that we face daily.

Just think about them not having a place to live because of the unfair laws that our leaders have placed on them just to get elected. Who's going to vote for a politician who's weak on crime? The only thing is that we're punishing people for misdemeanors which fall into the "sex crimes" box just as harsh as the child molester and there are many in between that. Does the murderer who got released from prison have to register? Absolutely not. They can live right next door to you and you'd never know it. What about the drunk driver with several more than one DUI on his record? No! Should we take their licenses away? We do but that doesn't stop them from driving. Love them if you find out about them too. Would you sit next to Paul who wrote most of the new testament? Didn't he say that he was the chief of all sinners?

When Jesus cleansed us of our sins, He said anyone who believes. This includes all the unwanted. Please LOVE them and please don't be afraid of them. 100% of people who commit a sex crime and get caught for the very first time have never been a "SEX OFFENDER". Our Father God is using our former sins to just about force us to look at Him no matter what pressure is coming at us. We can't live up to peoples expectations but we can seek God first and he will show us.

Love those folks who society looks down on. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE & PLEASE IN JESUS' NAME.

Please pray for their walk with their Savior Jesus and that they could be used for the Glory of God. What the enemy meant for our destruction, God meant to build us up and Glorify Himself.....AMEN!
Love your neighbor as yourself.;*;. is the strongest commandment to allow Christ's peace to supernaturally flow from our hearts to the hearts of others since Jesus is spiritually alive inside our faithful bodies, rather than sitting on his kingdom royal chair and staring down from heaven from a huge distance away. The word 'neighbor' is obviously referring to non-Christians, besides Christians, whose future acceptance of Jesus Christ has already been future-seen by God, and since God knows every individual's future, no matter what race, religion or public belief - we Christians are careful not to decide the individual's future destiny is only a one way trip to hell, even if that individual is trying hard to be a true Christian.
This might be far-fetched but I believe there are non-Christians who have secretly accepted Jesus, where the secret is kept between Jesus and the individuals until their temporary lives on Earth are finished and then transformed later into brothers and sisters of Christ inside God's kingdom when Jesus returns.
So those who have hurt, criticized or even worse destroyed lives could definitely be in God's kingdom because of the simple method of Christ's acceptance where 'quality' rather than 'quantity' is what really matters, even if Christ acceptance of being Christian is only very brief before passing away on the human body's last breath from old age or some disease such as a heart attack.;*;.
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I am a man that lives in the hell man has created for me. Irrational fear on the part of the public has earned me a life sentence though the judge only gave me seven. Seven years beaten and mistreated in a federal prison. The inmates and guards make sport of harming sex offenders and then go to church on Sunday. I am a man who has raised children and never done anything remotely inappropriate to them. They are adults now and love me and support me emotionally and morally. I have struggled to take care of my handicapped daughters while god was silent to my cries. I begged for death and never did it come. I try to cry but my tears turn to ice. My mother committed suicide. My best friend did too. I’ve been on my own since fifteen when I had to drop out and get a job to support my dying grandmother because my family threw her on the street so they wouldn’t have to deal with her cancer. I’ve given selflessly my entire life. My one crime? My one true sin? The reason I am condemned by man for the rest of my life? I went to a webpage and looked at some pictures of child pornography. That’s it. I didn’t take the pictures. I didn’t speak to anyone. I didn’t try to hookup with a child. I followed links to a website that the fbi setup and ran distributing child porn. Justice? The judge said the warrant was invalid but he will accept it because we need to save the children. The judge said the fbi broke the law distributing child porn but he will ignore it so we can keep the children safe. My lawyer asked to see the evidence against me but the judge told us that he trusted the fbi and even though it is illegal to deny me the constitutional right to know the evidence against me he said my lawyer and I cannot see it. I had a sham trial and served 7 years in federal prison. Now I’m no longer allowed to return to my job as an engineer. I am not allowed to drink. I am not allowed to own a smartphone or laptop. I can’t travel anywhere. I appear on a website where hillbilly’s can find my family home and show up to exact their justice too. The police? They harass me and threaten me. The neighbors torment me. My parole officer keeps telling my wife and kids to leave me. There is no mercy. Those pictures of kids I mentioned? They were taken almost thirty years ago by someone else. Who keeps distributing them? The fbi! Thee is no justice. God abandoned me a long time ago I think sometimes. I have no quality of life left. All this to keep your children safe right? You are all fools to trust the police or judges or legal system. Corruption is rampant. The fbi is the most corrupt entity in the USA. They destroy lives with impunity because you are all irrational and though you claim to be people of god you certainly are fools of man. One day soon I will have the opportunity to take my life. I’m not afraid. I just need to be sure my handicapped kids are safe and secure for the rest of their lives. Then I’ll face god and ask why he hated his creation so much. I will trade my life to find out. May god forgive you all for supporting this corrupt system. So many lives ruined for so little. Should Anybody go to prison and be a sex offender registered for life for simply viewing a picture? Would Jesus day that’s okay got you to do to a man? God forgive me. I do not forgive any of mankind.
Your punishment no doubt does not fit the crime, if what you say is true. Yet you are now sinning by hating every human on earth who doesnt even know you, much less show you injustice. Yet you were not completely without sin in the situation to begin with. You were obviously were viewing child porn which is wrong, and the odds of that occurance being the only time you ever did so, are not in your favor. You will be forgiven as you forgive others, and with your current unforgiveness, that does not bode well for your eternity.

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