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Prayer for boldness

I have tried a lot of times to evangelise to lost souls in my neighborhood. I feel the Spirit of God leading me to certain people I meet but I find it difficult to approach them because I'm shy and find myself shaking at times when speaking to some which makes me stammer at times. I need your prayers for God to give stor up the Spirit of courage in me and also teach me what to speak when I approach them. Thank you.

I am praying for you, Walt. be certain to pray and read the Bible to start off each day and certainly before going out specifically to witness to others. Don't be discouraged if you see no success at all. Sometimes you are successful and never know it. But God does and the people who were touched will also know it.
Staff Member
I will be praying for your Walter.
The hardest part is trusting God to give you Words as you take that first step towards that unknown person!
A few weeks ago I heard testimony from a missionary to one of the most dangerous cities in the world.
Pretty much run by the cartels.
I don't recall exactly what happened, so I won't chop up his testimony, but needless to say the Holy Spirit led him to talking with one who turned out to be the head of one of the most dangerous gangs. Through the continued promptings of the Holy Spirit that He listened to, even as he was shaking. I do remember that one of the times, the Holy Spirit told him to hug the man!!! Anyway, this dangerous man who had people killed and done so himself, eventually came to the Lord!

You feel the Holy Spirit moving you to do this. Then ask Him what you should do/say, even as you're stepping out.
He'll let you know and He right there with you all the time!!! Alleluia!

I also, agree with Brother Amadeus. Being prepared by reading the Word, and most especially knowing the Gospel will help you. The Holy Spirit will use what you have fed yourself with to also touch others.

An additional important thing to know and be able to speak on is your own testimony. Many would think its easy, but may I suggest you write it out. It will help, because it's personal and it's the foundation/beginning of your relationship with your Lord and Savior Jesus. Folks can argue a lot of things, but when it's personal. No one can take it away from you! :)

Blessings & Prayers for you brother.
With the Love of Christ Jesus.
May God give you the courage to do his work.

How many people do you know that have come to Christ as the result of an encounter with a witnessing stranger, and how many people do you know that have come to faith as a result of the witness of friends or family?

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