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Prayer for baby Jorge

Staff Member
Incoming from a church group member:

Legends. I need prayer for my best friend's baby. He is 4 months old and doctors found a cancerous rumor in his head. The baby just got rolled into the operating room. Baby's name is Jorge Alexander.

Psalms 139:13-18 Our child we raise to thee oh Lord, our baby Jorge Alexander ,you know Lord our need, so we look to you to meet the supply you have promised to us in YOUR WORD!! ( Phil 4:19) Supply our parents with the courage they need as well as our child in Christ amen!( Psalm 27:13!!) You watch over your word to perform it ( Jer 1:12) ,and we watch over your word in thanksgiving that you always will perform it!! Thank you Lord Jesus for not only hearing our cry, but always, always answering our cry!! amen!