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prayer for AlabasterBox

God you are amazing in how you work, now attentive you are to every tiny detail of our lives. I thank you for my sister and her wise counsel; for putting the same scripture on our hearts in similar seasons of our lives. Father God thank you for her careful attentiveness to You and continue to attend to her. Bless her with Your wisdom and discerment as she counsels and guides others with Your word and in the Holy Spirit. Bless those around her and grant her good fellowship and may she always feel Your nearness and love.
Thank you so much for your prayer, it came at the right time. May you be blessed in Jesus name Amen.

Your sister in Christ,

Lord Jesus, I thank you for my sister AlabasterBox, and for all the encouragement she gives. Thank you for her welcoming spirit to newcomers and grant that she is blessed for her love and care. Lord, I pray that her peaceful and gentle spirit would be contagious on this site. Lord may Your Spirit work through her so that those are discouraged or tired would take it in and be refreshed and eager to minister to others as well. Keep her from anything not of You, keep her strong in her faith and bless all areas of her life. Continue to give her just what she needs in Your perfect time.

In Jesus' name,
Father God, I thank you for my sister, Mary. Continue to nurture her gifts of compassion and her quiet, peaceful spirit, fruit of Your Spirit. Encourage her, bless her for her hard work and be with her as she counsels. God I thank you so much for the peace she brings, the love and concern and pray you keep her feeling loved on as well, both here online and in her life at home. Lord, 1 John says that "whoever does the will of God, remains forever." Thank You that Mary is about Your business and remind her of Your eternal promises. May You bring her an abundance of peace as she is bringing Your peace to others.

Be very close to her, Jesus and grant that she feels Your nearness.
Lord, your word says, "We are God's work of art, created in Christ Jesus for the good works which God has already designated to make up our way of life." (Ep 2:9) Thank You for Mary's gentle spirit and kind words of encouragement. Grant that You use her to help others to see the work of art they are by shining so sweetly through her. Grant that those who can't see Your purpose for their lives see something in Mary that causes them to ponder Your love for them, giving them direction and clarity. Bless her family and their ministry with youth and grant that more and more young people cry out to You.

Be near to her this week and bless her time with You.

In Jesus' name,
From Psalm 24
"To Yahweh belong the earth and all iit contains,
the world and all who live there;
it is he who laid its foundations on the seas,
on the flowing waters fixed it firm.

Who shall go up to the mountian of Yahweh?
Who shall take a stand in his holy place?"

Lord God, I thank You so much that the veil was torn from top to bottom and that You have made us Your dwelling place. God sometimes we can go to Your mountain and to spend a lot of time alone with You and You speak so powerfully to our hearts. I know too that we don't have to go anywhere, that You reside within us and can meet us when we call on you in the middle of a busy day. I thank You for all the ways you minister to us.

Whereever Mary is at, whether she is able to get away for a longer time with You or whether that isn't going to happen for awhile, I pray that You would go before her and prepare that time. If it is in Your will, I pray for a even a few days for her where she can go to Your mountain and be ministered to and refreshed. If that is not in Your plan right now, I pray that a door would open later on and that she would feel You close throughout the day as if she had just come down from that mountain.

I thank You so much for her family and all the work she does here on the site. Continue to bless and encourage her. Minister to her heart, Jesus. Thank you for her ministry to others.

In Jesus' name
Father God, as Mary wrote in a post earlier today, nothing changes things more than prayer. I thank you for that sound encouragement, and pray many are blessed by that truth and that kind of faith. I come before You now Lord in agreement with her and ask that You act to change the persecution Mary and her husband are experiencing. In Your name Lord, I pray you would stop these emails to her husband and hurtful comments about her.

You can stop these firey darts, Lord. I pray that you move on my heart and all the leadership and members here if we as a community need to come together to stop this evil. Lord God, your Word says that some demons can only be driven out by prayer and fasting. Lord I pray right now that you would put an end to the plague of threats Mike and Mary are receiving. Move in me to keep this in my prayers more frequently and show me how to be an instrument for You.

Lord deliver them from this. God you know these Throneministries people, change them. Get them to see the wickedness they are doing is something to be deeply ashamed of. Grant a testimony can come from this, be it Your will.

Your word also says we should rejoice when persecuted and grant that Mary see all that she is doing that is of You. Grant that she continue to meditate on all that is good. Keep her from being wounded and grant her Your powerful peace. Thank you that she is Yours. Make her ever more aware of this.

In Jesus name,
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Jesus, you have placed on Mary's heart love for children of all ages and I thank You so much for her openness to pray for each child's specific needs.

As you said, "for it is such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs."

Help us to remember all of these children, Lord God, who seek truth and utter such matter of fact honesty. For children of all ages, raise up leadership that will be salt and light for them. Praise You for making clear their needs to Mary and use her to guide young people and fight for them in prayer. Grant that the larger community, both here online and where she is at, join with her.

For those that sense the emptiness of their sin and cannot name it, grant they come to understand sin for what it is and come to You for freedom. For those that hear lip service paid to You and see a walk that doesn't match, grant a Christian walk with them and listen more than they talk to them. For those that think You are something we adults made up to comfort ourselves, awe them with Your glory, show them Christians with a testimony where You can be the only explaination for all that is good in life. For those that are ill, either in body or in mind, for those without strength or without hope, supernaturally fill them and use Your church to be You. May Your kingdom come quickly, Lord, especailly for the young people.

When Mary may feel discouraged or tired, when she grieves for those lost or just struggling, grieve with her and then dry her tears. Pick her up and cheer her on. Lord grant that she can hear us cheering her on too and may she continue to get enough rest and wonderful full fellowship. Bless her family and her own children. Protect them and grant they all feel Your nearness.

In Jesus' name,
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I thank You so much for my sister, Mary. Continue to guide her steps and bless her at book fairs! Praise You Father for that wonderful gift.

Pour out Your Spirit on her times of prayer. May You show her truths in Your word and by giving her prayers, and as her life unfolds, show her Your will through the amazing and unique ways You answer those prayers.

God I am continually in awe of the way You work.

I also lift up her three children to You. Michael Jr., Christine, & Joel.

God it is tough to be a young man today and I just pray You would send strong young Christian men to Michael Jr, to keep him encouraged and ever aware of You love and Your power. God, I pray You would bless Him with good fellowship and also give him a strong sense of purpose and Your will in his life. Give him opportunities to lead and grant he sense Your authority during those times. Draw him every closer to You.

Lord, for Christine. Bless her at school, grant her studies keep her mind engaged and inspired. Especially bless her with a sense of Your love and love for how You made her and that You love everything and know everything about her. Grant that Your voice is always stronger than any of her peers and bless her with peers that can edify her and that know You.

God and bless Joel in all that he does - when he plays and at school. Protect him and draw near to him and if anything troubles him, grant that You show him there is no need to be anxious. Lord God, thank You for that special time for just being a kid. Grant that he is learning, and protect him so that he is having fun and sensing freedom. Bless him also with the understanding of the freedom You gave us.

In Jesus' name
Lord, in agreement with my sister Mary, Your mercies are new every morning, Amen. And as it says in James, "Whoever acts without mercy will be judged without mercy, but mercy can afford to laugh at judgement."

Thank You that we can rejoice in Your fufillment of the Law and I just pray you would pull Mary and her family into an even deeper sense of joy at Your mercies. I pray that her family would continue to show Your mercies to others so that more hearts would be won for You. God I know that her family has a heart for youth ministry and that she has such a tender heart and I thank You for that, bless her abundantly, both in ministry and at home. Grant she reap in laughter, Father and the peace of knowing You.

I echo her prayer for renewed zeal for her children and all the children that she so faithfully prays for. I especailly praise You for the fruit from the Pray the Children thread and ask that you continue to use her as a prayer warrior and provide opportunities for all the brothers and sisters, mods and members, to come together in prayer. Father God may we encourage each other even more and tear down strongholds.

Continue the work you are doing in Michael Jr, Christine, and Joel's lives. Draw them close to You, protect them, and renew their zeal every day. May they wake with a sense of excitement for the adventure that they will embark on with You.

In Jesus' name
Daniel 6:27,28

"He is the living God, he endures for ever,
His kingdom will never be destroyed
and His empire never come to an end.
He saves, sets free, and works signs and wonders
in the heavens and on earth;
he has saved Daniel from the power of the lions."

Lord, your word says that the enemy prowls like a lion looking for someone to devour. God I pray Your protection, You angels would keep close watch over Mary and Mike and especially Michael Jr, Christine and Joel.

For Michael, interecde in his life, send strong sober Christian men to him that will obey Your Spirit's promptings to help him. Help him to put total trust in You and not take any refuge in anything else, especially not alcohol. Work a miracle and work it soon.

Father be with Christine, guard her heart and grant she feels the fullness of Your love and peace. If she is joyful, grant she feel the full freedom of joy in You, if she is sad, hold her close. God, draw near to her and grant Your will in her life. Grant whatever is for her best and grant that she sees the precious child she is in Your eyes.

For Joel, encourage him, especially at school. Grant him fun times with his friends, lots of play and laughter. Grant that he shines as a light for You and is encouraged when things get tough. Grant that he calls on You when challenged and rush to Him when he calls.

Grant Mary lots of hope in regard to her oldest and continue to bless her time praying for all the children on the pray the children thread. Thank You so much for her tender heart for children and work mightily in her life and those childrens' lives.

In Jesus' name,
Ephersians 1:7
"Such is the richness of the grace
which he has showered on us
in all wisdom and insight.
He has let us know the mystery of his purpose,
according to his good pleasure which he determined beforehand in Christ,
for him to act upon when the times had run their course:
that he would bring everything together under Christ, as head,
everything in the heavens and everything on earth."

Father, I thank You for Your purpose and that You can bring everything together for the best. Grant that Your Spirit shows this to Mary in new ways and that this would fill her with hope and strength, confident in Your provision. Lord I also pray that she would be marveled in new ways by Your beautiful tapestry and how she is woven into You love, together with her family.

Lord God, enlighten Mike Jr to this beautiful tapestry and grant that the season of his heartache would end. Soften his heart to You and Your will. Grant that he does not drink and never quench his thirst anymore, grant that he drinks only of You and is finally satisfied.

John 4:14
"but no one who drinks the water that I shall give him
will every be thristy again"

Show Your water to Chrisine and Joel. Be with them as they make choices and protect them. Grant that they are full of joy and continually encouraged.

Be strong in Mike and Mary's marriage and bless them both with good times alone together. I thank You so much for their hearts for You and grant that they continue to grow together in You. Grant that with all that they do and with all those they minister to, there would be some unexpected free time for them to just enjoy each other.

Grant that she and her family would sense You very close to them.

In Jesus' name
Father God,

Thank you so much for my sister Mary. Be with her especially in this situation with her eldest. God, I thank You for the discernment You have given her and blessing her with Your Spirit and a mother's love. Be near to her when things are difficult, continue to give her Your quiet voice so that she may discern what she needs to do and grant her Your peace about everything she does.

Father I thank You for her heart for the children on the site as well. Bless and encourage those children and I echo her prayers that we handle things as You desire us to.

Psalm 25:
"Only those who fear Yahweh
possess his secret and his covenant for their understanding"

Grant increased understanding to all those children and Christine and Joel as well. Grant Joel sweet sleep and continual confidence and encouragment in his studies. Bless Mary's all family with the beauty of Your covenant and its promises. Thank You Lord for this perfect love. Grant we walk as you would have us walk, respond in ways that please You, and surrender all the outcomes of situations to You. May Your hand be evident in their lives and may only the best, Your will, happen.

In Jesus name,
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Isaiah 12:16

"Now I shall lay a stone in Zion,
a granite stone, a precious corner-stone,
a firm foundation stone:
no one who relies on this will stumble."

Thank You, Lord, for Your gift; solid, secure, unfailing. Thank You Jesus for Your choices and perfect walk.

Lord, bless Mary as she goes through her week, encourage her as she cares for and spends time with her family and Mike. Grant that she would be given a new sense of how solid and constant You are. Thank You for Your claim on her life and grant that she would sense You close, even in the small tasks she does.

Bless her children and grant that all three of them would rely on the solid rock and foundation You can provide. If one stumbles, grant they quickly set their feet on Your stone and wait upon You. Grant that Mike Jr especially would have nothing in his way to You -or serving as a obstacle to You. God You long for us to live in freedom, to walk in peace and to dance. Grant that that season comes for Mike soon.

May Joel and Christine continue to grow in You and learn how streadfast Your love is.

In Jesus' name,

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