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Prayer for a young student

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I work at a University and recently there was an accident in a science laboratory in which a teaching assistant came in contact with a highly toxic chemical and he is a very bad condition. If this chemical get in contact with the skin is absorb and goes to the nervous system, and destroy slowly all the cells. It has been two weeks since the accident and now he is in intensive care. He is an exchange student from India, so he is here alone. His parents have been notifying today, and the University had made the arrangement to bring them here.
Todays update is that he barely can survive. He is still alive, but in coma. Before the coma he manage to write the word Mom. So the Chancelor of the University (which is an investigator herself and really knows the consecuences of the toxicity) had put all her effort to try to bring his parents to Puerto Rico at least his mom. But she found that they are avery very poor people in India and dont even has a passport. So the are moving every humanitarian organization that can help bring this family together before the final moments.
Its very very sad situation. At least all his friends here are trying to help him in every way they can. They told me they enlarge the photo of his girlfriend and put it on the ceiling just above his bed. In case he open his eyes he can see it. Even the hospital people put him beautiful and relaxing music so he stay in calm as much as he can.
Moments like this brings the best of everyone. God love is inmense only he knows what he has in the future for this boy. So leave us only with the prayers and wishes for a miracle.
I will appreciate your prayers for this student, his prognosis isn’t good. Thanks
Hi Lavender,

I will certainly pray for this young man & his family. Nothing is too big for our Heavenly Father to handle.