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prayer for a new vehicle...

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My name is Jessica, I am from West Virginia, I am writing to ask for prayer over a situation that my husband and I are in. We have 4 children ( ages 11, 9, 3 & 14 months) and we need a vehicle with alot more room and comfort, We do have a town & Country which we thought was big enough for our family but our two oldest sons are really growing, our oldest is taller than me and his little brother isn't to far behind him and they always complain when we are in the Van they have no room in the back plus I need a 4x4 because we get alot of snow in the mountains of West Virginia and my husband is the only one that has a 4 wheel drive and he works away.. :embarasse

We have been looking at the Chevy Tahoe's and I fell in love with it, Theres a chance we can get a used one but we really want a new one so we won't have to trade that in for a few years. we have looked at our finances and we know we can afford it, but the problem is: the bank that gave us all of our loans will not approve it because we do not have enough equity in our van to trade it in just yet and we really want a Chevy Tahoe.. We need God to intervene in this situation, I have been down on my knees praying for the Lord's Will to be done and to help me accept no matter what it is.. Please pray the Lord will work it out somehow someway that we can get the Tahoe that he wants us to have, He has blessed us with so much and I truly believe in power of prayer, Please pray that his Will will be done and will bless us with the money to pay for this new 2007 Chevy Tahoe,, We know with God all things are possible.. Please pray that they call us today and tell us they can get us in a new Chevy Tahoe for less than we had expected... or even if the Lord wants us to have the 2006 Tahoe that we looked at yesterday.. The 2006 Tahoe is the one I fell in love with and would really love to have.

Yesterday the lady at the dealership told us the one bank she sent it through denied us and I just wanted to cry because I got so excited and happy because I thought we was getting it, and she said she was sending it through a few more places and will let me know this morning what she finds out, Please please pray for the Lords Will to be done no matter what it is, I know in my heart he knows whats best for us, he knows the desire of both of our hearts and more, knows what the future holds for us and most of all he knows if we can afford this vehicle or not, that is why I come to you today to ask you for prayer for his Will to be done no matter what it may be and to help me accept no matter what happens and to give me strength to get through it.

Thank you so much and God Bless,
Jessica Cook
from West Virginia..!
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Hi there Jessica, welcome to Talk Jesus.

It seems like your family has needs for a new vehicle, God will provide, and like you say, we should pray that His will be done, the good thing is we may also pray what we need, I think your entire post is a prayer to God, that's how I felt when I read it. I will pray that you get the Tahoe and I will pray that God's will be done, either way I believe it pleases God.

Much love
God bless
Thank you for your prayers

I just wanted to let you know that I talked to the dealership, they denied us for the used vehicle at the regular banks but they are going to put it through the place we have our other loans through for our vehicles and they will let us know.. They said it may be better to try for a new one instead of a used one.

Please continue to pray the lords will be done and this is what he wants for us, I'm sitting here feeling like, I am so nervous but yet I'm upset and scared that they will not approve it, I know its satan trying to bring me down and I won't let him.. I keep praying " Lord let your Will be done and we will be blessed with this 2007 Tahoe and we will be able to afford it " Please let them call us within an hour or two and say when can you be up to sign papers, everything went through IN THE NAME OF JESUS "

Thank you for agreeing in prayer with me..
Love and God Bless,
Precious sister....momof4.....Rest in the Lord. He knows all about the situation. We are praying that things will work out satisfactory for you.

God Bless You
update on our vehicle situation!

HI everyone, I wanted to let you know everything was denied for a new vehicle.. The plan is we are going to get my husbands truck paid off ASAP and than we will be able to trade my van in for a new Tahoe next spring so we will only have one payment which will help alot. The Lords Will was done and I praise him for every thing that happened, for giving me the strength to accept what the decision was, He has blessed me in so many ways and I give him all the praise and glory!

Thank you for all of your prayers.. God is so good, I know he will bless us with a new Chevy Tahoe in our future, I am going to continue to put all my faith and trust in him..

Love and God Bless,
God does what God knows best, He is awesome, it's not the decision you wanted, but nontheless everything will work out.

God bless.
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