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Prayer for a Military Girlfriend.

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Hello. I would like to ask for some prayer about something troubling my heart. My boyfriend, Christopher left a few days ago for military bootcamp. Our relationship has been online, and the day before he left we had a chance to meet. But I was too afraid, as my mother and brother do not know about him just yet. Not only that but I was also afraid he'd be disapointed with me.

I felt it was too soon, but I regret it deeply and it adds more heartache with him leaving even though he understood. Although I know that I am 19, 20 this July, and can make my own decisions, there is this deep fear of telling my mom about our relationship. Such as what would a mother think of her daughter in a relationship with someone she met online and is in the military...?

I am however waiting for a letter to arrive from him these coming weeks. I will also be writing him back as soon as I get his address from his sister. And if that be the oppurtunity for me to speak out and tell her, I would apreciate if anyone could pray for me that God will guide me in doing so. And that my mom would understand. And for Confidence for things to work out.


LilFishie, You were wise in not making love before he departed. If this relationship is of the Lord,you my dear sister are worth the wait! And believe me,being in the Military myself,you will not be laughted at,but rathered treasured by both your boyfriend and those he shares his love with!

Because you would not yeild yourself when it was so easy to do so,and even wanted to do. Love is patient,love is kind,and is not jealous,love does not brag and is never arrogant,it also does not act unbecomingly!!! 1cor 13:4-5 My prayers are with you, to your mom and dad also,but take comfort!! Even as you wait upon your man in the service, those who wait upon the Lord will renew there strength as well! Isaiah 40:28-31 Blessing to you Lilfishie in Christ!
Thankyou Brighthouse for your prayers. They mean so much in these hard times. Our families both are believers of God, and so are we, although we may not be perfect in some ways, I believe and am praying God is going to work in our lives and relationship.

And it wasn't about making love, goodness no. I'm saving myself for marriage! =) His friend was going to offer him a ride over to see me before he had to leave. He mentioned it the night before he was going to leave, so I really didn't know it was so fast and I wasn't prepared for it. Including being unconfident with the way I look.

I wanted to, I came so close too, but because my mom doesn't know about our online relationship, I was afraid of what she would say or do. I didn't know how she would react to seeing someone show up asking for me. I'm not a sociable person with friends, so it would be shocking.

I really feel that there is this big giant of fear keeping me from going forewards. I find it odd myself, of someone my age, to be afraid of their mother when it comes to dating to the point of nearly having a panic attack. O_O

It hurt, as I was talking to his sister on Facebook too, told me how he was disapointed that we couldn't meet. But that she had a big talk with him to not be insensitive to how I feel. Which gave me a laugh. He was really understanding though, and told me he'd wait as long as he needed.

Throwing out this question out for advise. Do you, or anyone believe it is the right decision for me to open up my relationship to my mom when I recieve that letter?

Again thankyou for responding and for your prayers Brighthouse. Sorry that I talked so much. ^^;

EDIT: Ack I nearly forgot to tell you, God Bless you my brother! Thankyou. =D
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hi LilFishie, you do not talk to much!! Well lets us look at some facts,1. you are so nervious about this,it causes you to almost be sick over this.2.sooner of later they are going to find out anyway, and hopefully 3. when you tell them not matter how they take it,you will be relieved!

At least then you can figure out how you further want to discuss anything concerning your boyfriend. If you were my daughter my concern is of course to protect you,making sure no one hurts my daughter! It is your life,but also because I would love you,I just want to make sure, that your consider all possibilities not just some of them.

And that as your parent you could come to me at any time, for any reason for help and guidence! amen! What to me a parent should be to there child is the mirrors like you have when you dirve a car,if you do not look into them from time to time,you will not notice possible danger from behind, or from the side of you. Just some thoughts for you.many blessing to you!
Thankyou. I will think on these things. =) I really hope things work out alright. I really feel if I do let this out to my mom, I will feel alot better with what ever the outcome.

There is hope to meet him once again in 6 months or so. So the pressure is really on, I have to tell my mom.

I feel like Daniel having to go face Golaith. Or perhaps like Esther going to confront the king. So nervous, maybe I should go read that right now? O~O

-Thankyou again, Many blessings to you also!

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