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Prayer for a loved Friend

Well, we have a member on here that has won our hearts by her character, her spunk, her honesty and showing her real self on TJ. When struggles have come she has faced them, sometimes ran away but God has taken a hold of her life and changed her step by step. The trials and temptations are still before her from her life without God, the devil is trying his very hardest to get her back as her testimony is so very strong and will change others lives in due time. You may have read her testimony under "Talkjesus:Has it help you." In amongst the ruins of a terrible life she stands strong and praises our Saviour, even in the horrid times.
The horrid life of her past is coming for her, seeking her, that is how the devil works roaming every where to seek and destroy. We all need to pray for the stonghold of our Lord to protect her, that His Angels are fighting in the Heavenly Realms for her life, she is a precious child of a King, a Princess.
Please pray for her, pray that she stays in hiding, that she is far away from this man (the devil himself).
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Lots of prayers

:rose: Sure don't want to see her suffer any more. I have prayed for this woman so much and admire her attitude and the way that she has allowed God to move in her life, in such a strong way. May God's Holy Angels protect her and may the love of God stay strong in her life. She has so much of my respect. Please Father, allow this woman the strength to continue her journey with you and keep the enemy from her. Like I said, I got a heap load of admiration for the person she is. May God bless her always and I sure would like to meet her in Heaven. Amen:rose:
Thank you dear Heavenly Father that you are our source and resource, you guide us, protect us and bring to completion all that you begin in our lives.

Thank you for the courage of people who are willing to stand up for truth where there has only ever been lies, who speak out in faith where there was only mistrust, who begin to minister healing when there was one only pain and hatred, who reap in joy what they have sown in tears.

Father thank you that you promise to restore the years the locusts have eaten, thank you that you are real and able to transform and change lives and give beauty for ashes.

Thank you that you call us, choose us and mark us with your blood which cost so very dear. Thank you that those who have lost much, love much, thank you, thank you, thank you oh wonderful and awesome God