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Prayer for a friend

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Maverick, May 14, 2017.

  1. My Friend is in situation..she ask pray for her and her living situation..she was waiting for her Boyfriend to rent a home for her and her kids ..and I ask for pray for her and ..God changed her situation.the house that she was living in was sold and she has to move ..she has been waiting for her boyfriend to rent a house for them to move too but it seems like he was taking his time to get it..but now she has to move out of the house that she was living in.God is working in this situation..and I ask that you all please pray for her and her kids and.her boyfriend that God work It all out ..his will be done.and she may draw closer to God thru this thank you all so much God bless
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  2. Praying for your friend's situation!
  3. Praying for their situation, but so I understand the situation better, are the boyfriend and her living together? Or, does he live someplace else and he is just trying to help his girlfriend find a place for her and her children to live? Are both of them committed followers of Jesus Christ?
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  5. Yes she is a follow of Jesus Christ..all the way .
    I ask for.prayer for her and ..while her boyfriend was looking for an house for her and her kids ot move into ..the house she has been living in was sold and she has to move ..this happened after I ask for prayer for her situation..I know that God is moving in the situation and she does too..she was angry at first ..but then she realized that God was in all of what was just ask that you please pray for her and that God's will work his propose in it .thank you
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  6. Greetings @Maverick

    Yes prayers can indeed be raised for the Lord 's leading in the situation. And He will bless and lead those who seek His will.

    However, it may be wrong to expect blessing for an unmarried Christian couple moving in with each other..... it sounds like they are going to be living with each other ? Maybe I am misunderstanding your post?

    Blessings grace and peace

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