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Prayer for a Friend

I'm not too sure how to word this request but I'm going to give it my best shot.

I met a young woman on here a while ago, she is not saved (yet anyways :) ). I am asking for you members to pray for this young woman for strength, courage and trust. She is owned already but has no idea that a price has already been paid for her and she no longer has a debt to be paid with her life. She is a slave to someone and does as he wills. Now an window of opportunity has surfaced, freedom is within reach, we need to pray that she takes this window of opportunity and jumps thru it while it is here. There are so many fears involved for her, fear of physcial hurt, the what if's and the trust factor. This window is only open until Saturday night then it will be closed and our friend will be lost.

I so want to meet this friend, to have coffee with her but this may never happen if she does not take it. She deserves a life so much better than she has. Jesus paid the price for her freedom.

Sweetheart, when you read this I want you to know we all care about you more than you will ever know. You are so loved.
Staff Member
I know who your referring to as we discussed this in pm. I will and have been praying for this young lady. She will be delivered and I hope everyone prays for her.

She is involved in a serious matter and she desperately wants out. Pray for deliverance and protection. Pray that she may receive Jesus Christ so fast, so faithfully that she will trust in the Lord so strongly that nothing will come back to haunt her from the past.

I believe she will be delivered. God bless you
Hallelujah :love: what a great trust God has given to us by this child of HIS :love:

Sweetheart :love: you are loved and cared for everywhere beside where you are at the moment :love: You are allowed to go and join LIFE that has been given to you by GOD your heavenly Father who loves you and created you :love:
He is heard your cry and answers your prayers now:
You are free to go by all the help that has been offered to you :love:
You have a right to live and smile and love :love:
God has His arms wide open for you right now and I pray, Jesus fill her heart with all your love, presence and courage right now. . .as much as you loved us :love: as much as you were present on that cross where you died for us personally as my Saviour and Lord, and as courages as you were. . .even in pain and hurt you put one foot in front of the other and kept walking for all of us :love:
please guide and protect, speak softly but firm in her heart with your loving Spirit God :love:
I pray and claim your VICTORY over this situation, in JESUS name, Amen :love:
Jesus Christ is King of Kings! We trust him to come through in this situation. He can make life so bright. Praise his Name.......
Lord we raise your servant before you that she may be guided by your love and compassion.Bring her back to Your Blessed Light that she may find comfort and consolation and the road to You Father through your servant who waits with open arms to help her return to the fold. Lord when we admit our weakness we become strong fortified by Your Grace and Salvation. Blessed be the name of Jesus.Amen.
May Christ wrap his shileld of light around you. May he give you the courage to reach out in faith and trust. May he raise your eyes towards his loving face and smile. Be encouraged my daughter of christ. Do not be afriad. He shall lead you to saftey. We are all praying for you. God bless you, keep you and protect you. Amen