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Prayer chain please

Hi to old friends and New yet to meet. My 16 year old grandson Dawons is a drug addict. He has been now for about a year, his life is in danger, the doctors are very concerned about him. He doesn't care he says. His mum and dad are doing all they can, they are not belivers, I won't go into all he is taking, but he is running with dealers (whos name has been given to the police) and in a very very dark place in his life. My heart is broken. He is the eldest of 7 children in his family. Because of the drugs he is on it is making him sexually active and he is taking. We are waiting on results coming back. He is involved with juvenile serves because of getting into trouble. My family and friends here are praying for him and the family but I would love a wider network of prayer.
Dawson gave his life to Jesus when he was 10 years old, the devil has him and is pulling him deeper and deeper down.
Please brother's and sisters join and pray for Dawson and stand by our sides at this time.
Blessings in Jesus name to you all

In the name of Jesus, I command the evil one to take his hands off of Dawson's life in every area. I break every curse, every evil desire, every inroad that the devil is falsely claiming, Greater is He who lives within me than he who is in the world. When the army of God's prayer warriors stand united, the devil must flee. Devil, you are commanded to loose Dawson and let him go. Leave his life and do not return. Amen.

Stand strong, do not let your faith waver.