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Prayer at my job!

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by LatinCoffee, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Hi Prayer Warriors!

    I am requesting prayer at my job. I feel my supervisor is hostile or doesn't acknowledge me at times. I feel there is so much favoritism as I am the only guy on the team besides him. He is very attentive to the ladies when they ask questions, need help, etc., He has been nice to me at times but then goes back to being very distant. I really pray about this. I need and like my job. God got me into this company and I have been it for 2 years. At this new position with the company, I have been with it for 9 months. Recently, I emailed the manager to see if there's a possible way for a transfer to our other site. I keep hearing God telling me to be still.

    Please pray for me!

    God bless.

  2. @LatinCoffee
    Praying that God provide you peace and understanding in the situation that you find yourself in at the job. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
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  3. prayers going out brother!!
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  4. @LatinCoffee

    I am also praying for you brother. Hold fast unto our Lord. He will see you through,
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  5. Greetings,
    Of course I will pray but I will also add that you should strive for excellence as you work and aim to be pleasing to the Father. Promotion comes from the Father and if you seek it through man your in for a struggle.

    Forgive them and bless them with the best you that you can be.
    Walk in Faith Trusting God and not in the actions of others.

    Remember Mark 11:25.....When you stand praying.....Forgive......if you have aught against your Father which is in Heaven.....May.....Forgive You.....Of Your Trespasses.

    Walk according to His Ways denying your ways, feelings and wants and you Will See Him Move on Your Behalf.

    This is what I had to learn and it was a game changer to say the least.
    Hang in there bro!!
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  6. I've been through this kind of thing too. It's very very hard. I found the letter 1 Peter a huge help. Plenty of no-nonsense practical advice and deep spiritual wisdom. With prayers
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  7. "Be Still" I have heard from the Lord many times, or "Wait." I pray you will "Be still and know that he is God" and that you will trust the Lord with your circumstances, and that you will wait on him to work everything out according to his plans and his purposes.
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