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Pray to get out of debt

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Golden Eagle, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. I am asking for your prayers that we will not lose our (GOD HOME) and that we will be able to get out of debt.

    My wife losed her job 3 years ago and I have a large debt that need to be paid off. We are both in our 60's and would love to do more for our lord but cannot at the present time . I have been praying for 3 years and I see nothing happening. I belive the lord hears my prayers but it is getting harder to see nothing happening. This is eating me up and cannot sleep at night.

    I pray each day that we will not lose our home. My wife has depresstion also.
  2. I will add my prayers to yours.

    May I offer some hope in that not always are our prayer focus what God's will is in our lives.

    If we honor Him in our lives (which I am sure you and your bride do) and pray for His will in our lives - sometimes He can take on a whole new perspective.

    When the disciples watched their messiah die on the cross - their hope was lost. But what they thought was the end turned out to be the greatest blessing of all time.

    Do your best, do not fear or worry, but trust Him.
    He will honor your trust - I know He will.

    I came to a saving faith because I watched my grandmother go through the most difficult struggles but her feet were steady. It was in those darkest moments when His light shined the most and I saw Him in her.

    I don't know who is watching your life, but if you make sound decisions, focus on honoring Him, then God will honor your trust.
    Just don't try to have God answer your prayers based on your will but hand Him the oars and trust where He takes you.

    BTW - my grandmother always landed in a better position than she was before the struggle.
  3. You are in my prayers. God has a thousand ways to answer every prayer
  4. I am praying for you GE. May the Lord Himself give you wisdom and may you find yourself in the very center of His will for your life.
  5. I have always prayed to the Lord and got help one way or another, but this time I am having a hard time getting my answer or perhaps I am not hearing the Lord. I pray each night and ask the Lord to please answer my prays.

    Yes at times I feel that he has abounded me. Right down I know he has not. I need all the prays that I can get so I can see my way through this.
  6. Though Mary and Martha though Jesus to be to late He was right on time. God is never to little or to late.
    Keep trusting, keep seeking and believing.
    I am still praying for you my friend.
  7. brother i been having money problems a long time now. and debt too. i been praying for years and years. i dont even know how many. I know He loves me and at times i feel so weak i cant even ask. so help/hopeless. and i will pray for you and am praying as i type this. but what i wanna share isnt just a prayer. maybe it will help you. as i press on in Him i see Him growing me. it is very uncomfortable. i bet Job was uncomfortable too. (wasnt it him who said though he slay me, i will trust him?) but he pressed on in God. and God blessed him even more. here is a scripture He put in my life recently and i thought of it while reading your post.
    Psa 127:2 It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.

    no matter what happens in life, no matter what we lose, no matter how uncomfortable it gets, we still have Him. and He does hear your prayers. and they are precious to Him. so press on brother.
    those who sow in tears reap in joy.
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    Why doesn't God answer our prayers at times?

    :confused2: When does God answer our prayers?

    To receive from God we must give. We must trust Him so much that we act as if we already have our prayer answered and we must continue walk in the way of the Lord if we want our prayers answered. God doesn't answer all prayers.

    We have to be like the widow who trusted God would give her what she needed that she gave her last 3 gold coins as she entered the temple and what did Jesus say? That she trusted God so much and she tithed as we should do and didn't give just 10%..she gave more, her last 3 coins! Jesus said because of her complete trust in God that she would NEVER be without food on her table.

    I have been praying for 20 years for a brother in the Truth and He hasn't answered me yet..but He has answered all my other His time. Not in ours and we must deserve to receive. We must not pray only when we need and say we can't do more for God. We do all we can, we trust Him so completely that we do not worry because if we do then we doubt God will answer.

    How can you expect God to answer your prayers if you are letting your worries eat you up? You pray then you fret.

    I have never worried and like the woman who gave her last 3 coins, I do the same thing. I tithe to God and every time I do so, money come in ways I never expect it. Why? Because I obey God, I trust Him completely as no Father would give a stone to his child to eat.

    Our prayers are answered only if we put our complete trust in God and expect Him to give to us..but we must give to Him in order to receive. Not only by tithing but by obeying to the best of our abilities His 10 Commandments. He isn't going to help us if we pray then fret and worry. It means we don't trust Him.

    At 21 I fell alone with 3 kids and I never worried where the money would come to feed my kids. I had complete trust in God and I never went without.

    You want to have your prayers answered? Trust Him, act as if your prayers are answered, do for God what you can. The more isn't's the doing that is. Every morning I go to my favorite place to pray to God and I given Him thanks for my daily bread, for me to always have my 3 gold coins to give to Him and even if I am down to my last 3 coins, I give to Him and boy does He ever take care of me.

    Faith is essential..maybe that is what you and your wife lack of at the moment. Faith that God will answer your prayers. So try by stopping to fret and not sleep but pray, do for God, trust Him completely that He will find a solution and He will.

    Even if I would pray for you, He won't answer you more, if you don't have complete Faith in Him and stop worrying.

    Give your 3 gold coins in complete faith and food will always be on your table and you will be debt free.

    ( No self promotion ) I do this at home and it keeps me debt free. I prayed to God to find me something I could do at home because my health doesn't permit me to work anymore.

    God will always give you a solution. This is mine He gave me.

    Have Faith, Pray, Trust and do for God and He will do for you.

  9. I am in a similar position to you Golden Eagle. I have also been asking God for assistance for the past 3 years, without any answer. And I have been doing all I can from my side to make things happen. A lot of people owe me a lot of money, and I am going to loose everything I have because they aren't paying me.

    I have changed the way I pray now. I don't ask for anything, I just thank God for what I have. What I'm asking for is obviously against His plan.

    It is a very simplistic approach and its probably wrong.

    If I ask my son what he wants for his birthday every year and then I give him something else, he will eventually reach an age where he will stop telling me what he wants and just thank me for whatever I decided to get him. I will not punish him if he doesn't ask me for anything anymore, because I love him.
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    Good post that talks about God's goodness, kindness and faithfulness.

    I have to believe that giving your personal link in your post for your on-line business is not a self-serving move on your part to build your downline and make a little money for yourself at the expense of someone who's in dire straits, financially.

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