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Pray that God would open doors for me

I just wanted to know if you all could keep me in yoru prayers. For guidance and protection . I need God to lead me in the directions that He wants me to go. And to open and close doors. I want to get my highschool done. (My biggest alltime regret of not finishing it). But because I am over 21 now it costs big time money.
So please pray that God would open doors. I know that theres gotta be some kind of grant or somthing for adults who are trying to get their schooling done. So that the Lord would lead me in the right direction. And pray for protection over me and my family. Thank you in advance for your prayers. GBU all

your sis in Christ
oh yes I pray for open doors in Jessis life Lord Jesus, show her and guide her in this upcoming time while searching how to get things done . . .Jesus nothing is impossible with you, I thank you in advance that you are helping jess and her sweet family get going strong and straight . .. i pray for protection and patience, loooooong breath in You and endurance, strenght and courage :love: Father in Jesus Name I pray for this blessing whats on Jessis heart right now Amen
Lord, i know you have big plans for Jess' life Lord.. an Lord i just pray that you would reveale them to her in the coming months Lord, so that she would be able 2 know what it is that she is to do in order to follow you, as you ask of us.. Lord bless Jess in all she does

In you Name, Amen
May the Lord guide, bless and inspire you. He will show you the way if it is right for you.I lift you and your family up before Him who is all merciful. God bless you all.
lol, sure hting i keep ya in my Prayers, and that is all that needs to be said. have faith in us and our prayers will be answered for u

Love Simon!!!