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pray for this man

A man named Bernard contacted me out of the blue today under much stress and basically he was freaking out... he is suffering from the same thing i have been (Anxiety/Depression/Panic).. i guess he got my email off one of the other message boards i am on.. i know all to well how hard dealing with this type of problem is and feel so bad for him that he must go through it also.. anyway please keep him in your prayers and ask the lord to give him strength to endure until christ heals him..
I pray that the peace of our Lord rest upon this man and that all hindering and tormenting demons return to their place of worship unto Jesu Christ as they wait for their day of judgment ! And now let the angels of the Lord inforce the prayers of the saints and bring total deliverence to this man in Jesus Mighty Name ! Mike
I started having (Anxiety Attacks/ Panic Attacks) at an early age...i have to use meds now called (Rivitril/ Clonazepam)... you may mention that to your friend. I will pray for him as well..
I also have suffered from Anixity from a younge age. I needed to take meds. I have been set free from them for 7 years. PTL. Father, heal your Child from the horrible feelling he is experincing in the name of your Precious Son.He him peace in the mist of it all.
I am asking for prayers. My husband and I have been married this October 16 years. At this point in time it looks as thou we cannot see eye to eye on a few major things. I am scared yet a bit refreshed to see what this next year holds. I prayer that I am strong enough to keep my married vows. THis will be only a separation for a year, to see if I things can become better. I need a clear word from my Lord. Our children are 15 and 13. I am so hestitate. Please tell me, when leaving my spouse will God be upset with me. I do not want to sin be divorcing. I also am so tired of be lonly and lonier... I want to be with him for my llife spand on earth. I know he loves me also very much. Pray that he can have a change of heart, and that I can become the loving wife I am suppose to be. I have failed...
All things are possible to those who believe.. I have always believed..
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Jesus is Lord!


I will pray.

Your Sister in Christ,

Dr. Bon Vie
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I think we need to be careful in judging each other on this note: anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicines. If someone has been able to come off these drugs, they should not look down on other christians who have needed to stay on meds. Depression and anxiety have real physical symptoms. Some people who have not ever struggled with these issues judge the situation without really knowing what they are talking about.

It is not right (or constructive) to tell a brother that he would be healed from depression if he had enough faith. When someone has diabetes or cancer, we do not tell them, "Well, you wouldn't need meds if you had faith." So why do we do that with depression and anxiety?


My heart goes out to Bernard, TheDrew and Tracey3,

May the Lord give all who are suffering, strength at this time. May he heal all your hurts and anxieties, in his name we pray. Amen.

p.s. Bible passages relating to divorce can be found in Gen 16:1-2 Gen 2:21-24, Ex 20:14, Deut 21:15, Deut 24:1-4, Deut 24:3-4, Jer 3:1, Heb 13:4, Mark 10:11-12, Mark 10:9, Matt 5:31, Matt 19:9, 1Cor 7:15, 1Cor 7:13, 1Cor 7:10-11, 2Cor 6:14, (ref: Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry)

Hope this helps anyone who might have questions on divorce.

God Bless

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