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pray for the people in Kentucky USA

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hi all
I would like to take this time in praying for the people that had a big tornadoes which rip up the towns in Indiana lord I ask you to be with these people , heal the hurting of the lost of there homes and of there loved ones . be with these people in this hard time that they are faceing . lord please be with them as they need you very much . amen
I've never experienced a tornado in my life and probably never will where I live. So my heart goes out to these people who live with this kind of catastrophic threat from year to year. My prayers are with them!
Lord, bless and comfort them in their time of trial and need and shower them with your abundant grace and peace to enable them to overcome this. In Jesus' name, amen.
Living in Oklahoma City i can say ive seen my share of tornados and destruction..Gods grace is good and no matter how bad it seems that God stories always appear from such things..May the good lord send all they need in this time..workers ,money,food and water and May he comfort the little ones needs most of all ..in Jesus name we pray...Rev
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Lord Jesus, allow your supernatural healing to flow through the hearts of Christians, and also to those who are yet to be Christians who want their faith in you to be strong as ever than ever before, and realise that Jesus is King of all Kings and will be victorious over Satan in the future, where the weather will be totally under control by our superior supernatural Lord Jesus. No more tornadoes, cyclones, earthquakes and floods during Christ's eternal rule on Earth in God's indestructible super mega-structure: the Kingdom of God.:*:.
We Christians in our global community wait patiently for the coming of our victorious Lord Jesus, hopefully very soon in the future, so that Satan can be defeated and sin can be deleted once Jesus has transformed our old earth-born selves to new glorious minds and bodies of Christ...
As we socialize together as brothers and sisters of Christ in God's most massive and most modern place of Community: the Kingdom of God on a new oceanless planet Earth where Christ's supernatural joy will be so over-joyous, our hearts will be so very positive and our faces so very always smiling.:*:.

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