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Pray for success at a youth meeting

I am the happiest person on earth right now...my mum has miraculously allowed me to sing at a youth meeting.Thank you for your prayers..

Now it'll be the first time I'll be leading worship for the youth...I have no idea what I'm against here...The youth are not familiar with the ways of God.Please agree in prayer with me for these young people (to experience the reality of Jesus at this meeting )

I expect only about 100 young people...from my school and the locals.I believe that it's gonna be okay in Jesus' name.Amen
You will do great. We ask for many children to accept Jesus into there heart that day. I will pray for this request. God be with you.
Guys I'm very feeling a bit nervous..dunno how everthing's gonna work out at this meeting.Even as I'm typing my palms are sweating.But anyways I have a feeling deep inside that God wants this whole thing to happen.Suggestions are welcome too...and yeah please keep praying....
Naomi, It's good to be a bit nervous because then you will have to depend on God. A quote I like from Bishop TD Jakes is "every assignment God will give you is something you cannot do without Him." God bless you. :love:


Hey Naomi,
praying for your minsitry. Our Lord is with you now and will be with you when you lead :)