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Pray for one of our Talk Jesus brothers!

There is a brother that needs prayer for his life. I'm not sure if he would appriciate his name being mentioned or not, so I won't. For those of you who know him well, please have discretion not to mention his name, thank you.

Our brother is struggling right now. At this very moment, he is in a motel room, flipping through cable channels, stressing about whether he is doing the right thing. He has a job delima, you see. He is at a training and he isn't sure that this job is what the Lord really wants him to do.
He doesn't want to have the company feel that they wasted thier time and money to send him to this, if this isn't the job for him. He also has another job interview on Friday for a different company, and is unsure about that as well. Neither of these jobs are on his heart, and what is on his heart isn't possible quiet yet.
As well as all that, our brother is also attending classes to become a pastor, and has a lot of stress in that area. Sometimes he wonders how he ever has the time to study! He is very involved in ministry with his Sunday church and he is very, very involved with ministry here in his online church.

He has a lot on his plate and needs our prayers!

So please pray that our brother (God knows who even though you might not) is able to feel the calming presence of the Lord. Please pray that he is able to resolve his job delima and has the open heart and ears that he needs to hear God's direction in his life. And please pray that he is upheld and never falters under the physically stressing load that he is carrying. And of course, pray for him however you feel led!
Thank you and God bless you all!
GOD has revealed this situation to me a few weeks back. Although my brother did not ask me personally for prayer , GOD has moved me to pray for him as I was in worship 3 weeks ago ! I am not saying this for me but as a sign to him that GOD hears him and is with him through this time of indecision . I will p.m. both you and him , right now so you both will be encouraged . GOD knows all things , and he hears our prayers . BROTHER
I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that he isn't feeling very well right now. He thinks it might be the flu or a bad cold or alergies. So please keep him in prayer over that as well, thanks.