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Pray for my son .

Please pray for my son Michael . Alcohol and anger is his trial . Thank you . Mike
Staff Member
He's in my prayers brother Mike. God bless you. Be at peace in Jesus
Mike I am right with you on this one. My oldest son has the same thing.I pray for him daily that somehow the Lord will touch his heart. I will pray for you son.
What's your sons name? If you haven't already how about adding him to 'pray the children ' list in the parent forum. There is a strong prayer group there we are lifting all our hurting children up to our Lord. Wonderful things are happening.

your friend in Christ:love:
I will be praying for Michael and many others like him. I pray the Lord will touch his heart and he will forget his old ways.
your sis in Christ, Julie.:girl:
Mike he is in my prayers.. May God give him strength and insight to see what it does to him and his family.. God Bless Suzeva
Thank you all for your prayers and support . Your love towards me has encouraged me greatly in the Lord . :love: Mike
Thank you for your service and prayers . I ask you Lord Jesus , for your blessings and favor to be over all these , who have been to me , a sign of your love Father . Lord , we are never alone . Praise your name Lord Jesus . And in this name are all things finished . Amen . :love:
Dear Mike,

I have a son, too, who use to drink and be very angry. (He did this and was like this between the ages of 13 & 16.) He, also, smoked weed and got into some trouble with the law.

I totally agree with "calluna", sharing your sons name on the "pray the children" thread. That way, we can keep him in our minds & thoughts as we visit there, often, to pray.

Only since "coconut" started that thread and we have been faithful to pray have I begun to see and hear of a real difference in my son's life. He has stopped all that stuff and has had a desire to read the Holy Bible and get all the way through it, from beginning to end. Please include him in your prayers, if you will.

In the time, here, I would like to pray for your son:

Dear Almighty God & Father, Jehovah,

Another son of a man we lift up to You for help and guidance. Please look upon MikeT4G's son, Michael, at this very moment and consider his ways. Draw near to him, Father, and draw Him to Yourself. We know You know him so intimately and understand where he has been and where he is going. We trust in You for His salvation from the beggerly elements of this worldly system of things. We pray for his rescue. We pray that Your Holy Spirit will draw him to Yourself, and that like one of our new members on this talkjesus site, Father, (?HC4Jesus?) that You will encourage him to call upon You in all his distresses.

We look forward to hearing/reading of the great and mighty works You do for the children of men!

Love you Father!
You are the best!
You and only You are the One for us!

In Jesus Christ's name, against all evil, I pray, Amen.

Read Psalms 107

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