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Pray for my son...

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Please pray for my son, he is 8 and has been suffering from a post-viral condition for over a year now (since December 2009). It means he becomes tired very easily, and he isn't able to do a full week at school.

We saw a paediatrician who worked out a back to school schedule for him because she basically thought it was just psychological. The past two weeks he has been struggling though and hasn't been able keep to the schedule. Its like he is getting stronger then something just knocks him back again.

It hurts that I have to think about everything I do with him - playing football in the park, playing games in the garden - and worry about whether it is too much for him and will wipe him out. It seems so unfair that he is losing his childhood like this and I keep praying that God will lay his hand on him and heal him.
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