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Pray For My Older Brother

I have been praying for my older brother for a long time . he used to go to church and spend time with our family . please help me pray for him . i need your help . heavensound
Dear Heavensound ... I Am Soory I Have'nt Written Sooner . I Have Read You're Prayer And I Want You Know That I Am Praying For You ! You Are Not Alone . Jesus Is Always With You . Write Anytime . ... Big-brother
Heavensound, I will be lifting him up in prayer....praying specifically that his heart will soften to God & his eyes & ears be opened to the love of his Savior. Once that happens, he will find his place as a loving member of your family again. With God all things are possible & He is totally awesome!!!
HI! Saphire. Thank you for taking the time to write back to me. I will write when I can. You can write me anytime you want.
Thank you

Saphire thank you for taking the time to write me. I would like to write to you again.from HEAVENSOUND:note2:
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Dear HEAVENSOUND ... I just wanted to tell you that you are a very speacial young daughter of GOD ! I know he hears you're prayers , and I am praying that the answer will come soon !!! Love BIG-BROTHER :love: :boy_hug:
Heavensound, I just saw this now, I am sorry I have not replied earlier. I want you to know that I will pray for you older brother as well. Our Father in Heaven hears us. Maybe if you put this under the prayer request section more people will see this.
i will keep your brother in my prayers too. i'm sorry that i didn't reply earlier!
don't worry, God will open your brothers eyes and ears to lead him back to Christ!

Heavensound. . . as well as God does wants us to tell him all of our needs. . .he does wants us to trust him that in his will everything will be turning out for the good!
Jesus already did everything for us, so our Job is just to respond to his offer, turn all of our needs in prayer in. . . AAAAAAAAAAAAAND:
now that you did all of that, I am praying for big smiles on your face. . . because YOU know that God loves doing good to his children .. . so be happy and praise God everyday for the good he has done in your life. . ..
And we all help you pray for your brother!
I hope your sad face from the first page can turn into a cheerful child hopping through life like your beautiful butterfly icon
:love: your sister in christ, peeps :love:
You are so very welcome hope you have a wonderful day in your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ :love:
Keep flapping those wings, peeps
I am still praying for him. Do not be discouraged . God will make a way ! Brother :love: :boy_hug:
How are you doin Heavensound. . .how is your contact and your fellowship. . .would love to hear an update from ya :love: