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Pray for my little sister

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

its been a while since I’ve logged in but I am in desperate and dire needs for all the prayer warriors. I am such a believer in prayers and would appreciate all the prayers.

my little sister is going through a very hard divorce. Her husband has strangled her and tried to kill her many times. She never called 911 out of pure fear of him. We finally managed to move her out with her 2 kids and now they’re all living in one room, while her ex is living in the house she bought. She tried to go into her own house few days ago and he called the sheriffs office and they arrested her for “disturbing his residence”, even though the day before the police told her she has all the right to go into her own house if she needs something since most of her things she has to leave behind. She has been released and is going to have a hearing in a few months. Along with another divorce hearing.

we have no idea what the future holds, or if the court will judge justly but I know God is our highest judge and I am praying that God has the first and last say in her case. Her ex’s lawyer is viscous and is trying to destroy her in the divorce.

She doesn’t have a lot of money, none of us do but we also know the Lord is going to provide for her. My heart is breaking for her... it’s so hard to watch my baby sister go through this. Last thing my dad made me promise him in his death bed was to watch out for her.

Please please pray for her. She needs it so badly, her kids need it so badly. My mom needs it so badly and she is slowly dying watching her daughter go through this. We only want her to get through this. The amount of abuse, pain and injustice that has been happening to her is gut wrenching

please pray that God would show up for her, and that He will reveal HIS glory. He is our only hope and our only shelter.

Thank you all so so much for even reading this far.

God bless.
Hi Property,

What a really really sad post. Poor lil sister. Yes, I'll deffo be praying for her, and for you. Please do keep us posted. Is there no womens' support group that could put her in touch with someone who could advise her of her rights and how she can prepare and present her defence?

Please please do keep us all posted.

God bless you, and her.

Love, Andy x
Just wanted to update:

God’s ears were inclined to our pleads, He answered our prayers and more in ways I couldn’t imagine possible. My sister got an injunction for one year and is moving back to her house with her kids (they’ll finally have their own bedroom and toys!)

I wanted to update and praise God who took mercy on us. I witnessed today and I prayed that God would answer for me as I lack in wisdom, When her ex’s lawyer asked me if I hated her ex (so I would have a motive to lie for her) I said I loved her husband and we went on vacations all the time before he started to hit her, he asked again but do you love him right now? And I said I forgive him, and I love him as my God has instructed me to love my enemies and pray for them.

this wasn’t me speaking, it was God speaking through me. It was sincere and I was reciting God’s words.

Thank you everyone who prayed for her, praise God. He revealed His glory and never ending mercy towards his children.
How are you and your little sister? I am praying for you and for your little sister. I hope everything is good with you. God is with you and your little sister. Don't worry. God will always do the best. Even people may leave, but God never leaves. He is love and compassion daily increases on you and your sister. God will give a life with happiness and joy to your sister. God bless you.

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