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pray for my family

I am a strong Christian and I have had a wonderful family nucleus; but now I feel the devil has invaded my family and we as a family are having a terrible time accepting God's grace and His will at this time. My husband of 22 years has decided that an affair that he started in February was enough to ask for a divorce in May. I filed for divorce after much praying and soul-searching; knowing that adultery is addressed in the Bible. During the summer, my sister's only child, my nephew was killed in a car accident - he was only 20. My only child, a boy, was closely attached to this nephew; considering him his big brother and best friend. My son has recently moved to a new school and the transition has been hard for him to leave his friends behind. Also, during counseling, my son admitted to the counselor that his father had been abusing him for a good two years and that he had been talking to my son about divorce for a couple of years; yet my husband kept telling me he loved me. I have an audio tape of my husband threatening my son and it has been horrible to deal with such hatefulness coming from a man who professes to be a christian and is "adultering" with a "strong christian woman". His picture appeared in the local Sunday paper with his girlfriend the day before our divorce was to be final; and the next day; he contested the "uncontested" divorce he had orginially agreed to. He has only asked to "see" his son one time since May 25th and that was on my son's birthday. My son has told his dad (whom he no longer refers to as his dad) that he wants no contact whatsoever with him and yet his father still cannot understand that pain and suffering my son is going through. He has been diagnosed with "post tramatic stress disorder" and is "moderately depressed". His father blames me and the death of his cousin as the reason. Please pray for my family; and for me; as I have lost the soulmate that I thought God had placed here for me.
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Dear npknox:

My heart breaks for you from reading your prayer request. I am sorry for the loss of your sister's son, the struggle your own son is going through, and the painful decision you had to make in your marriage. I am not a specialist in these areas but I know that God is and He is with you right now. We are all with you in this church at Talk Jesus. I will encourage you to continue seeing your counselor, pastor, and support from the women in your church. What you are going through is alot of weight and you cannot be alone during this time. And it is going to take time. Allow God to lead you one day at a time ..Prayer is powerful. Spend lots of time with Him. We are all thankful that your sister has you, and your son and you have each other. Father, please begin the healing process in npknox life every day and send others to call on her, to cry with her, and to shout to the Lord, that you are faithful! God loves you very much and so do we, sister!
Thank you so much for your healing words. God has blessed me with many friends who have the wisdom of God's amazing grace to share with others. I am at a loss for words at this time in my life. Please place my family on your church prayer requests because I am a firm believer in prayer. My nephew had undergone 3 amazing open heart surgeries with the prognosis being that he would not live through any of them - but God granted the surgeons the talent to help my nephew and through my teary eyes I do know that our Savior placed my nephew here for reasons we may never know; but we have already experienced some of his friends "changing" their lifestyles to be able to join my nephew in heaven. God bless you for sharing and caring.

As for my own son, he too was a "miracle" baby. I was involved in a terrible accident when I was younger and was told I could never conceive a child. God saw fit to place the seed of life in my womb and my child is a tremendous blessing from Him.

As for my marriage, it pains me to know that my husband violated God's rules and that I too, feel so betrayed. My marriage vows were as God had written them to be - soulmates until death did we part - and then, only until we were reunited in Heaven's splender and grace. I remind my heart - "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life" - Pro 4:23 and I remember that God gave me a beautiful heart and that even though my husband is not worthy of my heartache, God has blessed me with a caring nature for other people and a wonderful son and that God will deal with those that are careless with my love, that I must forgive my husband during this divorce process and pray that he too might understand God's forgiving grace and undying love.
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Thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement. I know our Father in Heaven watches over my family and me, but I still have such sorrow and pain in my heart. I have placed my life in God's hands, knowing He holds me in His comfort. Every morning as I commute to work, I speak to my Father, asking Him to guide my way and the way in which my son should go as well. I do feel alone so often, and the pain seems unbearable at times. When my son and I visit my nephew's grave, we are reminded of how in an instant life can change. We miss him terribly, but it gives us such sweet redemption knowing that when we too leave this life behind, he will be there, standing on heaven's streets of gold, greeeting us. Thank you for caring. May God bless you.
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npknok, wat a devastating situation you are in but with God all is able. am deeply moved by the tragedy that seems to haunt you but we break all the bonds of the evil in Jesus name and surely b4 the living God U shall see the change. keep ur faith in Him alone even in this troubled times en ui shall be rewarded like job. We were made His children so as to fight the spiritual warfare so keep string and know He is with u every day. Read ephesians 6:10-20 en be blessed. we pray for you too. have faith en u shall move mountains in Jesus name.
maina, Thank you for your support. I know God is our Father, and He will guide my family through the loss of our beloved family member and He will hold my son and me steady in HIS hands while the divorce and breakup of my family nucleus remains in our everyday dealings. After the "legal" work is done, God will continue to heal my son's heart and my heart. I am not an angry person, but at times, I feel so bitter inside and I realize I must turn deeper to the Lord and ask forgiveness for the feelings of unkindness. But losing someone you have loved for 26 years is not easy to cope with. Thank you for sharing God's love with me.

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