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Pray For My Family

Please pray for my family. We are falling apart. I have a teenage daughter that has been putting my wife and I to the challenge. Also my wife and I are not communicating very well anymore and we have not been getting along.

Thank you,
Jack ... I will pray for you . Have you ever heard of Jimmy Eavens ? He is an excelent teacher on marriage , and has a great marriage series called , Marriage On The Rock . I am not sure I spelled his name right , but his ministry is called family and marriage . I know he will help you . BROTHER
Hi Jack, I am sorry to read this. . . these will defenetly be hard times for all of you. . .
I will pray for your family, your wife, your daughter and you!
Do you have any more kids?
How old is your daughter? I have a 15 and 16 year old daughter. . . maybe I can help?
How is your wife doing with your daughter? As a mom and woman? Better or worse?
I had both times. ..
Is your wife online too???
Maybe you could introduce us. . .would love to meet her and share mommy experiences
I always get help through talking to others. . you have chosen a good step in your christian community. . .
Don't let your courage and hope sink. . . the sun always comes after the rain. . .
GBU, your sis in christ, peeps
Holy Spirit, minister to Jack...show him how to make this situation right, and to turn it around for your glory Lord. Give him the wisdom and knowledge to speak the word over these situations. Lord, in the name of Jesus, I ask that you bring your conviction to the child, to be obedient to her parents and ultimately to you Lord. I speak peace, and healing in this family, and I speak a restoration of this marriage Father God. Unite this couple.....bring them closer as one, for we know Lord that the only way to keep this family in your will is to be strong in you and to build a wall of prayer around this family Lord. I ask these things in your holy name, amen