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Pray for my Dad

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He has leukemia,please pray the lord will take this away and heal him complety.Thanks and God Bless
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Father I thank you that we can come boldly to your throne room of grace and I come now and pray that Your will be done. I pray that You will give 4g Your peace in this situation with his dad and that You will heal his dad completely from the top of his head to the soles of his feet in Jesus' name and for His glory amen.
Jesus saves

All the glory and Praise belongs to you Lord.
You hear the cries of your children. You bring light into our darkness.

Lord I ask that you heal him, pour out your power of healing on his body. Remove the power of Leukemia, so that your glory be known.
Bless this family, comfort them and restore their faith.

By his wounds we are healed
I lift up this dear father as I pray today. I ask you dear Lord to bless this man in body soul and spirit. Raise him back to health Jesus and glorify your Name.

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Docters gave him 1 to 2 months to live.Please keep him in your prayers
Brother, doctors can say all they want - according to their limited non-all knowing knowledge. Let me tell you this one truth that you need to know...

GOD has the final say!

I will pray for your father. Keep the faith. Jesus is our healer like no other!
God can heal, so yes, don't listen to the doctors. My husband's cousin had cancer in the brain, wasn't expected to live either. 1 month ago, he went for tests, the cancer has been cleared and it's all gone. Many people prayed for him.

All praises to our almighty Father for the healing.

Almighty Father, creator of heaven and earth, you know the heart of 4Given's dad, you know the pain and concern that he is in and going through, I ask You in Jesus' name to heal him and free him, from this unclean spirit. I thank You for listening to all our prayers our heavenly Father. Amen

I will keep your dad in my prayers.
let god heal him

I am really sorry to hear that but, I am happy that god had all ready heard your prayer.I don't your Dad's condition but god knows .God sometimes gives us disease or pain for us to know him better. So seek him better somewhat closer. Let God heal him entirely.When Namman was told by elisha to be healed in the water by dipping seven times he was healed. praise the lord.
Jesus is Lord

We bow down and worship you Lord because you direct and control everything. Your word speaks life and there is nothing impossible for you Lord.

Let your will be done.

We are healed by Your sacrifice
And the life that You gave
We are healed for You paid the price
By Your grace, we are saved
---------- by Mac Powell
Please remember my dad

today,not feeling to good today.Pray God will touch him now in Jesus name
Hello Friend.

I want to tell onlt thing that Nothing is Impossible to GOD.

Our God can do any thing for us.

So please keep on praying. and I will also pray for your Dad.

We are healed

Father who is in heaven, you sent your son Jesus to come and die at the cross for us, not only did he die for our sins but he also died that he may take away diseases and pain from us. Lord God almighty i stand on your word which declares that through his stripes we are healed and that you are a God you will forgive our sin and take away all the diseases, Lord heal his father right now in the name of Jesus which is above every name. Amen
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