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pray for my brother mark.

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I would like to have prayer for my brother Mark. he became a christian at a young age, and over the years, mark has walked away from God for so long. I have prayed for a long time.but it just seems like ..nothing is ...happening.
I have to trust in God that my brother will be touched.
thank you for your prayers.
hey janelle....i'll put your brother on my churches prayer list and i will also pray from him..help me pray for my 2 brothers also..
God Bless..
:sun: :star:

Lord I thank you that you are the good shepherd, Lord I pray that your love will direct Mark back into your arms. Lord take the vail off his eyes, open his ears so that he may hear your voice, and soften his heart to recieve your love. Bring him back to your family in Jesus mighty name.


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