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pray for my best friend, he was in a bad car accident

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hey, my best friend was in a horrible car accident on friday, his sister died, and he is in icu, he has bleeding on his brain and he fractured his skull, he also broke both shoulder blades, and broke his leg and thumb. also he has a huge gash from the top of his neck down to his chest. it took the doctors 4 hours just to clean it out. they said he is going to be okay, but he still hasnt woken up since the accident. Pray for quick healing and to give him strength to handle his sisterd death, i know him and he will take it hard he was driving, but God kept him here for a reason. thank you so much for praying it means a lot.
Praying for your best friend & the rest of the family for divine peace & comfort.

Praying for your best friend for continued healing & to awake.
In the movie "Regarding Henry", God used an accident which affected Henry's brain to give him & his family a new & better life.

God's specializes in miracles & transforming bad instances to good.

I pray God does so for your friend & his family.
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