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pray for me


I haven't been in here for a long time so, I want you to know that , I'm have surgery on 13 th of march, cuz of cochlear implant . pray for me to made it work to pick up a words . I need hear some words and ,since I was born that way I m deaf but I was very sick with janucan sorry I cant spell, but maybe you know what i mean. thank you for pray for me .
I had been sick with cold and coughs, I didnt go to work last tues til friday. I dont know if I might go to work tonite .wait and see .
I will be keeping you in prayer sweetpinkrose. May the Lord's healing be upon you!
God Bless!
hello sweetpinkrose,
May God Bless you and be with your Drs. and guide their hands for you to hear better.. I was raised with deaf parents and see their struggles everyday.. God has blessed you with this surgery.. and the implants. May Gos bless you to get over your cold.. Hope to chat with you someday.. Suzeva
Hi Sweetpinkrose, I pray for your surgery to be successful and the results to be wonderful for you. May the Lord bless you and let you know that He is with you through the whole process. Thank you Jesus.

Your friend in Christ:love:

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