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Pray for me please

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Jessca95, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. I have two kids with my boyfriend. One is two years old and im about to have our daughter. The doctors are worried about her because she isnt growing at the rate most babies do at the age she is. Im not sure if thats how to word it. Im 35 weeks and she is smaller than the 10th percentile so i have been referred to a different doctor. They are going to do another ultrasound and see if they can figure out why or see if maybe shes just going to be a small kid. I had two miscarriages after my son so any little thing kind of scares me if its not right. Thats the main thing i would like everyone to pray for if you could. Also their dad isnt a Christian. He says he believes in something but he dont know about Jesus. Ive told him before ive had prayers answered but thats not enough for him. Could you please pray for him also? He has said multiple times that he would like to kill himself and i dont know what to tell him. Ive lost a brother to suicide so I don't want to see that happen again. Im just going through alot and i need to work on my relationship with Jesus also. Just please pray for me and my daughter and their dad.
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  2. Praying for you Jess

    and may I suggest to get into Gods word every day.

    God Bless
  3. Glad to pray for you Jessca. And I will pray for your boyfriend and children as well. God wont force belief on anyone, it must be free choice for God to bring you into the family of God. Never the less I will pray that God make situations arise with your boyfriend that will make him ponder his own purpose in life beyond living on earth. Just so you know, this often puts greater pressures of life onto a person in order to bring them to their knees and seek the Lord.
  4. @Jessca95
    Also praying for your situation.
  5. Praying protection for your family
    God bless you
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  6. Heavenly Father I thank you for my sister in the Lord Jessica. Your Word says, "I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their seed begging for bread.". I curse all sickness, disease, poverty, and lack from her house hold, in the name of Jesus Christ. She is the head, and not the tail, and everything she puts her hand to shall prosper. I thank you that if she has committed any sins that have not been confess, I ask you to forgive her in the name of Jesus. Lord God, you know all things before they happen, and if her boy friend is not for her, and her family remove him from them. If you see that he would believe one day, then I break the power of darkness over his life, and thank you for his salvation. May the light of Jesus spring forth your daughter, so all the world to see. The child in her is blessed, and we come against any sickness that might try and hinder this child from being normal in Jesus name ....Amen.
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  7. I dont know any of you personally but i want to thank you for the prayers and kind of update yall. I have been going to a specialist who has been watching my baby and doing extra ultrasounds. They say she still is not growing like she needs to be so they want to induce me sometime when im 37 weeks. They say it is better for her health because something is stopping her from growing right. Im going to try to get it closer to when im 38 weeks because i feel more comfortable with that. I just want to do what is best for her, but im nervous about it all. I feel like their dad is upset i have to be induced, but im just listening to the doctors and trying to keep my daughters health the number 1 priority. Please keep us in your prayers. I dont want her to have to stay in the nicu or anything like that.
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  8. Thanks for the update! Will continue in prayer for your situation.
  9. Seeking the Lord for your prayer
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  10. @Jessca95

    may i encourage you and your boyfriend in a little of my own experience?

    Some years ago when one of my little ones was being lovingly incubated in his mother's womb, growing and doing the pre-birth stuff, a sudden change took place where he was no longer able to be carried safely, both for him and his mother. The decision was made to cut him out, as they do, and he was over 8 weeks premature.
    As a dad, that was not something i fancied, much less did his mother like it. He was put in care in the hospital system and me being me found that difficult. Again it was very hard on his mother... very hard. She was in a different ward and room and all and had to get to her baby, still recovering from torn and sewn up innards, and as small as he was, he had to be fed with tubes and the like. I don't think us men would handle it very well.

    I was at that time a long way away looking after our other young children, in a semi-rural type town, an hour from the city where mother and baby were, with no licence to drive car, bike, bus or truck, and relying heavily on support from others in a community we were new to. I got talking to a neighbour and she got telling me about her nephew who was also delivered very early and how small he was. She went on to say that he was now a burly farmer. That was comforting but still did not make it much easier for me and certainly didn't unite my son with his mother. It took weeks before my wife and our child were able to be together and she didn't leave him alone at the hospital... a trying time for her, adding to this, being separated from her other children she loves dearly. There were all sorts of other discomforts and inconveniences as she waited the day that our son was given the all clear.

    BUT.. I want to reassure you that NOW... he is a strong and healthy, rough and tumble character and full of beans.... alive and living. So while what you are facing seems difficult, try to look forward and be encouraged that it won't be long and it will all be behind you as you busy yourself with your child and children and watch them grow grow grow! Please pass this story on, as simple as it is, to your boyfriend and let him know that a fellow dad has been through it and while it was not my cup of tea, the son I now have with me (with us) is as much a beautiful child as any other and while it is not the best scenario, it passes.. the thing to remember is to keep a cool head, a loving heart and a grateful way....
    And my personal message to your boyfriend from a man, as in man-to-man, is... be kind and tenderhearted to your partner, the mother of your child... she is going through all this too. Now is the time to love.

    Bless you both in Jesus name ....><>
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  11. Thank you for that. I have explained to him the reason they want her to be born early is because she isnt growing and is kind of at a stand still. She is moving a lot though and they say she is doing good with her practice breathing as they call it. He seems to be a little more comfortable with it now. I had an appointment today and im supposed to go to the hospital sunday at midnight to be induced. I know im asking for a lot of prayers. But please now pray for a safe delivery and that she is healthy. Thanks
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  12. Everyone, thank you for the prayers. I was in labor for a little over 7 hours yesterday but my baby girl was born weighing 80 grams over what would have put her in the nicu. She was 4 pounds 9 ounces but she is healthy. She is just a little small. She the cutest thing. God is so good. I was worried about her but I know i dont have to be now. And their dad has been alot more involved this time at the hospital which has definitely surprised me but we are doing good and hope to go home Wednesday. Again thank you for the prayers
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  13. Praise the Lord and God Bless
  14. Continuing in prayer for you Jessca!
  15. Good news Jessca95,

    Do you have a name yet?

    Praise the Lord and remember His mercies.

    Jesus is Lord

    Bless you all ....><>
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  16. Praise the Lord, that is wonderful news.

    May the Lord bless you all
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  17. Her name is skylar. We had to stay some extra days at the hospital but we are finally home. Her brother is doing pretty good with her for the most part. She has been eating better for me here than she did at the hospital also. We have to wrap her up more than most babies to keep her temperature up but other than that she is doing good. Their dad was doing good but now he started smoking marijuana again and we are arguing about that because i dont want it anywhere near the kids and he quit for a while but just started up again this week. I just dont have the energy right now to deal with that. Ive been in the hospital all week with our daughter and now we are trying to adjust at home with my two year old. My mom is helping me but she is mad at their dad so i feel kind of hopeless in the situation.
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  18. Greetings @Jessca95

    Skylar....what a beautiful name.

    Are you able to go and stay with your mum so that your beautiful children arent exposed to this smoking or even secondhand smoking.

    Praying for you.
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  19. Yeah im at my moms now. She loves having us here. I just dont know what to do about him. I dont want him to get in trouble about it and I definitely dont want my kids taken away because of that. I probably shouldn't have even said anything about it on here. I just feel like i can trust you all.
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