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Pray for me again?

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Jessca95, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. i have been trying to breastfeed my daughter who is now a month old. At the beginning i was doing good and i got to freeze several bags but now my milk supply has gone way down. Im still giving it to her because I know its better than formula but i do have to give her some formula just to make sure she gets enough to eat. Ive tried some of the ways to get my supply up which worked with my son a couple years ago and they are not working. Its making it so stressful for me because im trying so hard. Their dad hates when i give her formula but to me it just seems better that she is eating no matter what it is. I hate that i cant make the right enough of milk but im still going to try for her. Can you pray that things get easier for me and have their dad not get so upset with me? This situation is kind of out of my hands. I cant help that the milk is not coming in as well as it did with our son. I just need him to be more understanding because like i said im trying so hard.
  2. Breast feeding is the most natural thing for a mother to do to her new born child, and most woman desire to do just that. The most important thing now is your daughter, and if it requires you to give her formula there is no condemnation for that.
    Just look out for her needs first and foremost. :)
  3. Glad to pray for you and your husband. He is not being a good husband if he is angry for something that is not your fault.

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