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Pray for Imani

PLEASE !!! Pray for Imani

Could everyone here pray for my friend Imani ? She can't afford to go to school this year and we are very upset about it. She cried about it and she barely ever cries. Please pray that the money is raised so she can go to Ambassador Christian Academy.
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I will pray for your friend sister GOD will bless her!

Thanks for responding Uncle Chad. :rain: We haven't had much sunshine for our joy this week. I really want her to go to school with us :love:.
Imani will be ok Christine . We will also pray for her mom who has had cancer for 12 years now , fighting everyday of her life to live for Imani . God will uphold this Godly family in this and all their trials . The name Imani stands for
[Faith] ! We all will be in [ Imani/ Faith ] for Imani Jarvis . :love: :boy_hug: :love: :boy_hug: Mike
To all who read this prayer request . I just wanted everyone here that this is not just about going to a school . This 11 year old girl [ Imani ] has a very sick mother who she has been taking care most of her life . Imani's mother has had various types of cancer throughout her body Imani's whole life .

Imani's moms name is Pat Jarvis and her husband is Peter Jarvis . Peter Jarvis is a very Godly man who works endless hours trying to make enough money to keep his family afloat . The main problem for their finacial problems is healthcare for Pat . They have limited insurance so peter works constantly to make sure Pat has the medicine she needs .

Pat Jarvis now has cancer in her spine and is in a wheelchair . Another out of pocket exspense . They also are raising their Grandson named Sky . This boy had nowhere to live and Peter and Pat took him into their home . This family is a Godly family who have done all they can to make ends meet . Now Pat has to live in this 90 degree heat because they cannot afford the electric to run the air conditioner .

Imani has never had any childhood outside of going to Christian School . Most times Imani prays for her mom and askes the class to pray
for her also . As soon as school is over Imani goes back home to be the care taker of her mom because Peter must keep the long hours to keep the medicine and doctors care for Pat .

Pat Jarvis said to Mary And I that as long as Imani needs her , she will fight to stay alive for her , but has also told us that the pain in her body is more than she can handle . She now takes morphine to keep up the fight . When Pat was told she had cancer 11 years ago , the doctors said she would not live more than 3 to 6 months . Peter and Pat Jarvis told that doctor that God sent them a beautiful baby girl , and they intended to raise her like the Lord wishes !

They named that little girl ... Imani .... which means FAITH ,in another language as a sign that if they are to fulfill Gods plan for Imani , they would only make with Gods help through faith . Going to Christian School is all the childhood Imani has . This is more than a prayer request for lavish living in private School . This is a prayer request for a whole family , who have an awesome testimony that has been ongoing for 11 straight years ! Please pray deeply for this family to have all their needs met . And also pray for Imani . A little girl whos only peace and Childhood left , is in the balance at this time . May Gods Grace Continue in the Jarvis family . :love: :boy_hug: Mike
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Very sweet response brother Mike.

Everyone please note we're going to add a simple Imani Funds soon on Talk Jesus to help this girl get her education this year. We can do it and should be faithful. Anything you can do to hlep donate to her funds is appreciated.

God bless you.

More news coming soon
Heavensound, I will be praying for Imani & her family & thank you Brotherinarms for posting what you did. If it doesn't humble us to read of their faith in the midst of their trials, we need a gauge check on our compassion.

Chad, I'm grateful you are making the opportunity & the means available to help this child. Prayer is the absolute most important thing we can do, but if we can reach out in other ways...praise God for the chance.
Thank you for your prayers about this very tough trial and this Family . I will send Chad a picture of Imani and her Mother from Imani's 11th birthday party . It took Pat all the strength she had to make her party happen . I hope Chad post that picture along with anything else he has chosen to do . Thaks Chad . I am so blessed to be here and to have prayer partners to go to , so satans plans will be destroyed . GBU ALL . Mike :computer: :love:
Thankyou for sharing this story. I will also be praying for this family. Chad, that is a great idea about donations. I would hope they can get an air conditioner. The best part is they will know that they are not alone but part of a loving family. :thumbs_up

Jehovah Jireh, my provider, His grace is sufficient for me.