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pray for both of my papas

Please help me pray for my Papa Edward Johnson and my Papa Jim Bryce.
Pa Johnson has a blockage in his brain and a blockage in his heart also. He refuses to go to the doctor and he says that if he dies he wants to die at home. Pa Bryce is in ICU right now and has been for the past week or two. (i don't really know what's wrong with him.) I don't think either one of my papas are saved but i really don't know...thanks for all the prayers going up...
:love: God Bless Yall. :love:
Staff Member
Sister Brandi keep your faith strong. I will pray for your papas. GOD is a GOD of grace and mercy. Christ is our Healer.
sorry that i haven't up dated yall in a while..but my papa bryce got out of the hostpial Thursday night...he's still weak and can't walk but he is doing good...my papa johnson got some x-rays tooken friday but we don't know the results yet...thanks for all the prayers

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