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pray for a dying soul

Please pray for my office mate who has blood white cells increasing dificiency. The prayer is not only to cure him, but also for his soul. He should come to the church and see the Lord. Accept him as his saviour. I know there is a plan in what he is going through. Please pray for God;s will in Him should happen
Dear sister I pray your friend will see that Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. May God and His angels surround your friend with healing love that he will receive salvation.Blessed be the name of the Lord.Amen.
Staff Member
Thank you for posting this imortant message as a prayer request. Prayer is the greatest weapon GOD has given us. Thank you Jesus for all healing, all peace, all comfort, thank you for LIFE.

I believe GOD is already working through your friend due to your prayers and everyone else's prayer. I will also pray for him.

Stay faithful and watch GOD perform great things!
Dear god the most important thing it says in the bible is to pray for someone to get saved yeah.
So this is what i am asking you to do. which is also what it says in the bible that we should pray in accord with your will. And it also says that your will is that everyone should come to know you .
Also it says in the bible that whatever we ask in your name if it is in accord with your will then it will be done. So kool ok

Please do something to make this office mate of maranathas a christian. make sure they know what they need to do and see that they must pray that prayer to get into heaven. Help maranatha be involved in this because it would be good for her and she would be really pleased i think. Also please heal this person of there illness god like you did with laserus he was dead! so this illness should be no trouble at all. Please give someone the faith to believe it.

I'll be praying, but worry everything will be alright, just keep trusting in God.
Stay Real
:thumbs_up :girl:

I will be praying for your office mate that she comes to the full knowledge of Jesus.

With God all things are possible, so keep believing and trusting in God. I will keep him in my prayers.
I pray that your friend will recieve the 'Good News' and be transformed both in physical and spiritual well-being by the Power of His Word.

God bless you for the love you have shown for your office-mate in posting this request. May he have a testimony for the love of Jesus. Amen.
God answered that prayer request

God healed him completely. But still, he hesitate to come for prayer..Thanx for your prayers...God bless you all
Thankyou for sharing the good news with us. Amen....Amen

Lord Jesus let your purpose and your Name be lifted up this situation.

In Jesus