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pray for a belimic friend

Hello my brothers and sisters. I just recently talked to a friend of mine that i met not long ago. She told me that she is belimic and that she's trying to stop but she's scared. She is going to be sent away if she doesn't stop soon. she has one last chance. Please pray for her that God will take that eating disorder from her and help her become healthy. She needs support. thanks so much, God bless you all
Staff Member
Does she believe in Christ? Is she strong in faith? Let GOD show His miraculous powers through Jesus Christ, with strong faith.

I will pray for her.
thanks Chad and others, She prays about it, but sometimes doesn't have a lot of faith. at least that's what I think. Well she said she sometimes sees it as hopeless, and misses her mom. Well only God can bring a family back, but we never know, thanks again, GOd bless you bye
Well, i think all she needs now is a lot of prayer....

"If you receive the gift of my Son, you receive Me, and nothing will ever separate you from my love again. Come home and I'll throw the biggest party heaven has ever seen"
-Heavenly Father
Hello my dear Friends :). God bless you all for your prayers and support. My freind stopped throwing up. I dont know if it's for good and stuff, but she told me yesterday she hasn't done it for a while. I believe God answered the prayer even though she still isn't sure she's done with it, after all, it is an addiction. Well God bless you all and Praise His Holy Name :) Glory to God, God Almighty.
ur sis, Tanya