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Praising the Lord.

Praising the Lord. It is awesome to walk with the Lord, so much so. I was in awe yesterday but am in awe so often and yet it is always as though it is the first time it is so awesome seeing the Lord's care.
We needed uniforms for the kids in Kenya for school and it had been taking awhile. I have learned that when I go to the Lord and I get serious, He always answers, and the need comes. I just need to ask in
sincerity and trusting, just taking it to Him.

I ask the Lord for the uniform money, if it please Him, and I felt a confidence, in His presence showing Himself there, that I could ask for it on Monday and it would be there. So I did and told everyone else the same.
lol. I have to laugh. The Lord is so Good!
So Monday came, and nothing in the mail and no money that my husband or I had, and all of this is not unusual. I see this often and it does squeeze the flesh, but there were no natural means
at the time to look to.
We have seen His care for these kids for seven years, weekly, and when the need is
larger, He cares for that, too. So nothing is unusual, but the flesh gets antsy, mine anyway, and yet I knew in my heart, I'd seen His presence in asking for the need and that I was assured, it would be there, it would be okay.

I would have worried, but I was so knowing that I had felt His presence and in that that it would be there on that time. I thought, Daniel prayed and it took a bit.
So I just said to myself, it is on the way. And on the way home, a email came, which is sometimes the way the Lord does from unsuspecting sources. During the day, I might add, I did all
I knew to do. I put a ad on craigslist, and I put things on etsy. I did what I knew to do. The Lord has always taught that. Now my etsy rarely sells, but sells when the need is present and for the amount
needed sometimes the Lord uses it divinely that way. And a lady on etsy emaled that I hadn't spoken to in so long, had not mentioned the need, and she ordered a rug and said she was putting 200 in the mail,
the amount that covered the kids uniforms and now has started the Christmas purchasing or mat purchasing. Praise the Lord for His care and kindnesses!!!
I thank Him so!!
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