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Hey guys,
God is so stinkin' cool! I just wanted to fill you in on something that happened this week... or I guess its been happening for the last 7 months.

I've been trying to raise money for a mission trip I'm going on this summer, to Germany, and well, it was quite a large amount that I had to raise, with the help of God, alone. Did the typical thing.. sent out letters, bake sale... it was difficult and stressful. Especially when the deadlines would be getting close and I would only have like half the money, then God would be like, oh yeah, by the way, here's $200 at the last minute. I would be in a total state of relief and awe.

Okay... so I had to mail in all the money by April 8th... which is today... and on Sunday, I still lacking $280. AAHH!! Whatever will I do?! I have no time for a bake sale, for a yard sale, and its too late to send out support letters. I tossed and turned all night asking God to provide... to give me peace and not let me get stressed out over this cuz He'd provided before... and He could do it all over again... gosh, He made the world in 6 days... how could he not provide me with $280?! Monday rolled by... no money... Tuesday... no money... But for those two days I had peace. . . until tuesday night. God assured me that He would do something so I rested. Wednesday night I go to work at 5:30 at my church... after I work for an hour, I get off and go to worship, and my coach calls me over and hands me a check, of the exact amount that I needed!!!

Yay, God! Oh it is incredible How God has worked my faith during these last 7 months. I mean, I could write a book about it! Its just been amazing! Trusting in God is like a roller coaster... He makes you go through highs and lows at a dangerous speed that makes you feel like you'll fall off... but the whole time, He's holding you tight and won't let you go. He just likes to have fun! I love God!
But my God shall supply all your need according to HIS riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Phillipians 4:19 ) PTL!!

(Let us know how the missionary trip went when you get back)
I cannot wait to share with y'all how my mission trip went... everything leading up to it is sooooo exciting!! cannot wait!
hey demaris, you're great sis. i love you. have fun you lucky duck, my time will come soon, but God is really awesome, i love that Guy. God lbess you ;)