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Praise & worship

As some know I've had so much tribulation happening in my life these past few months its been a whirlwind of pain & misery. Some days I just want to leave this earth & go home. But I know its Gods will, not mine.

My question is how long should the singing go on at Sunday church?

I myself don't anticipate the singing but rather soaking in the word of God reading his word & learning what he wants for his children.
There has been times when the singing will last for an hour or more, 20 minutes of the word & it's done for the day. I have thought at times that if I wanted to attend a concert I would but not when I'm needing to get full on the word of God. I'll be so hungry for his word and find myself starving because the singing seems endless.

I've even thought that the minister, pastor or whoever has the microphone just wants to tune his own voice or thinks he's singing in the shower. It goes on & on & on. After 15 minutes legs tire, people start sitting down, kids get impatient & he's still singing as if it's the first song. While I think "ok, lets dive into the word already".

Then comes yet another song.... it seems unorganized & selfish to keep singing while the congregation is noticeably uncomfortable.

I attend church because I'm famished for the word of God. Not because I want to clap my hands & listen to people sing for an hour or more. Praise & worship is only a small part of church from what I've seen but its bleeding into the time intended for the word. 75% singing 25% reading the Bible seems to be switched. It should be the other way around IMO.

I could be way off here, that's why I am posting so other Jesus Lovers can correct me if I'm wrong. I love being humbled & corrected for the purpose of God.

I don't mean to find only the negatives at this church but I'm beginning to wonder what their purpose really is.

Praise God ALMIGHTY!

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I have been is services with no singing at all. I would say the average at my current church is 30-40 minutes.

I have also been in services were almost all music and worship (almost two hours long). No sermon was preached at a couple.
A vineyard church I attended a few years ago normally had the worship service last longer than the sermon/message.

I would say it comes down to how long the service is. But it's different for every church.
Worship is just that, it's not a time for learning, not a time for scriptures and questions. Worship is not Bible study.
Bible studies and sermons are to learn about God. Worship is to experience God, draw near to Him.
(He inhabits the praises of His people, true believers will WORSHIP Him in Spirit and in truth)
God is always with us, but for me, I can "feel" His presence in times of worship easier than I can in times of study.
I am with you sister !! I cant stand the music, they do three songs at the very beginning of my service I attend. I close my eyes and totally get deep in pray during these three songs, and why in the world do we have to stand while the songs are being played!! then at the end they play two or three more songs, I have left earlier at times but felt guilty so I stick it out. I do not get the whole song and band thing at all. BUt my pastor is awesome and I love hearing his message. This is a good topic.
Staff Member
Hello dear sister.
I hear your pain. :(

When I get tired of what I was hearing or it could not help move me to praise & worship. I'd either go down to the altar and worship regardless of what was being played. For my spirit would call me to do so. It was about God and not what the music could do for me or what it was about. It can be a facilitator for one, but also an impediment for others, yet should be done for exactly what it is for. To Praise & Worship our God!

With my tinnitus my presence in corporate praise & worship is largely minimized. Too painful, even when I wait out in the foyer until this part of the service is over. Done that too. However, when I did go and could not feel the Holy Spirit moving throughout the congregation or myself moved to do so. I would sit pray and/or start reading His Word until it was time for the Sermon. The latter was something that garnered some looks, but so what? I'm there for the Lord and if they are curious, I'm always open to answering any questions they may have on why I was praying or reading His word instead of singing with the sing along.

God can see into ones heart and He knows the truth of ones worship & praise. Falseness is only fooling self. Which is more of an impediment to growth than truth. Even if its not pleasing to everyone. The same can be said about taking Communion. People take it going through the motions and seeing that to me is distressing. If I'm not right with the Lord or there is something in my life that is troubling and weighting me down so my focus is not totally on Him. Then I won't dishonor Him by partaking of it.

Just with everything be said and done. I won't look at singing in Praise & Worship as being totally negative. As if it's getting in my way before I can get to hear the good stuff of His Word. The truth is that at times I have lifted my hands and voice (glad scripture says to sing joyfully and not well!) in praise & worship and have felt the cleansing breeze through my spirit that has carried with it any garbage therein and replaced it with an awesome joy in His presence in giving Him all the Glory & Praise!

Sing praises to God, sing praises; Sing praises to our King, sing praises. Psalm 47:6

O come, let us sing for joy to the LORD, Let us shout joyfully to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving, Let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms. For the LORD is a great God And a great King above all gods, Psalm 95:1-3

Lift up your hands to the sanctuary And bless the LORD. Psalm 134:2

The LORD is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart exults, And with my song I shall thank Him. Psalm 28:7

I can't say which way to turn for you Dear Sister, outside of asking the Holy Spirit for guidance and praying about this. You might be surprised by what you hear :)

Thank you brothers!!! This has given me a good insight on the true purpose of praise (song) & worship (bible reading) I may have that wrong please correct me if I am. As I've said, I look forward to correction not only for the correction but so that I do not ever speak false information to people interested in learning about God's love, grace, mercy & requirements.

I've noticed that while songs are playing (we don't have a choir) some tend to try & over sing others by being louder. Another issue I have is we have someone that plays the organ. He's decent no qualms there but as the word is being read he plays random themes as if it's a movie ending. Not only is it louder than it should be, I can hardly hear what the pastor is saying due to the "background organist" & I have wondered ... if he's playing the organ, how can he listen to the word? Multitasking is one thing but I don't think that's the case. It's a distraction to say the least & I've mentioned it & was told by an awesome member that: "we just deal with it, but I too get irritated by the organ being louder than the pastor". I've never read anywhere in the bible that when Jesus spoke that there was background music. Never once... I don't know if he's (the organist) is proud of his taken & Sunday is his time to shine but whatever the case may be, it is extremely distracting for me anyway. I just soak up the word & look forward to it like a bone dry sponge before rainfall.

I don't want to sound like I'm never satisfied or picking the church apart these are just some main issues I have.

Its not biblical to me the things they've allowed & accepted.

May God speak through you so I can better understand the purpose.

In Gods loving arms, Mindy
Staff Member
In this I totally agree with you without qualms. Background music of all things!!!!!!

Maybe, the person believes they're waking up the sleeping congregation! That's about the only thing I could figure. However, this is something the Pastor should address. He can kindly ask the person to go sit in a reserved spot, which might ease any pride issues until which time your Pastor can direct them to ease back into the organ chair/bench for closing heavenly music.

Sigh, so many things that distracts us and many of them of our own making. I just couldn't believe that the answer from another in the congregation was "we just deal with it". It just means that they don't like it either, but are unwilling to address it or it has been and nothing good came of it.

Still, in this area it is really up to the Pastor to handle and that is who you should address your concerns with. If the Pastor is unwilling to do so, than ask politely if you have their permission to do so. Even suggest what I mentioned above about "reserving a spot" for the organist close to where the organ is located.

As always. Pray up before meeting with the Pastor or the Organist if you have the permission to do so also allow the Holy Spirit to guide you during the meeting.

We'll be praying for you as well.
Always with the Love of Christ Jesus.
There are anointed singers, and there not anointed singers. Those who are called into that kind of ministry are responsible to bring the Church into the presence of God through praise, and worship.
I have seen on TV many services that worship leaders sing the same song over, and over again, and over and over again. Repetition is not going to fix something not anointed.
Music is one of the most power things in the Kingdom of God, which is why it is mentioned so often in the Bible.
Staff Member
Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus,

Strange that I'm back to this post!
It seems my church has decided to put up colored lights in the background of the stage. Personally I find them distracting, but others they say have told them that they have received compliments. I addressed this and I'm being told that they were created by the Arts Ministry as a sign of worship.

Any thoughts my brothers & sisters?
Inputs would be appreciated.

With the Love of Christ Jesus.
I purchased some LED lights that we used in our Easter play. I set up two of them as a wall washs in our main sanctuary one Sunday, and then the next Sunday I did not bring them. The pastor, and the worship leader wondered why I did not bring them back the next service. Every one including the congregation commented how it makes the atmosphere of the Church much better, so now I bring them every Sunday. They do add a nice touch, and I can change the color to any within the RGB spectrum. The throne of God is surrounded with a rainbow of multi colors. :)
I don't recall seeing this thread previously, but now I'd like to add a couple of things. For one the following verse is what I look for [or should be looking for] when I attend any worship or prayer or song service:

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matt 18:20

Especially important are the words I have highlighted and underlined. We need to know what it means to be in His name and how to be there.

I have hearing problems similar what has been mentioned with a high frequency loss which makes background music difficult for me. Even with hearing aids in place, background music will sometimes make it impossible for me to understand what a speaker is saying. Hopefully, the others present will be aware of my limitations and those of others and take them into consideration. But, I am not complaining. Rather I am hopefully explaining.

What does God want from us when we gather together? He wants us to work toward becoming the Body of His Son, Jesus. Jesus is already the completed Head, but His Body is still under construction. One good place to read what God wants and expects and will get, is the 12th chapter of I Corinthians. All the parts are necessary and all of the parts are subject to the Head. The Head is not the pastor or leading minister, although that person will often be led by the Holy Ghost in the right direction. If not... we should work in a way that is pleasing to God to make it so. Prayer is quite necessary in this respect.

Even anointed ministers cannot accomplish much if too many of the other present are too wrapped up in themselves to consider others AND God.

"Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than themselves." Phil 2:3

Is that not what Jesus always did? He put the needs of others before his own needs or preferences.

Remember here the Golden Rule which is certainly based on scripture:

"Do onto others as you would have them do onto you" [see Luke 6:31, Matt 7:12 & Rom 13:9]
If its becoming a huge problem every single sunday have you tried checking out some other local churches to experience what they do, maybe they do it differently?

One church I go to likes to do the same song at the end and I think one service they had it three times!

I think in Gods scheme of things worship is really important but also, if you read about what happened to Miriam, in book of Genesis the worship leaders can have a tendency to think more highly of themselves than they ought to. That is quite dangerous to them so you need to be praying for them too.

Im not a natural musician but I know how technical and perfect some musicians try to be and how totally focussed they are when they are making music. But they do need to realise not everyone in the congregation is as musical as they are.

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