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Praise the Lord

Staff Member
A simple message of praise and thanks.:love:

My daughter who is 18 has been drinking heavily ever since she started university - vodka and other spirits mainly.
She gets into very bad states.

My anxiety levels were sky high when she announced she was going to the pub last night so my heart was crying out to the Lord (admittedly more through fear than faith)

However, after about an hour she came back sober.....Praise the Lord.
Her friends had just wanted to go for a drive and catch up and not drinking.

I rejoice because I had been praying that her friends would not want to go drinking with her anymore given the states she gets in.

Thanking the Lord for His perfect peace and His hand in our lives even when things seem dark and desperate. :love:
Thanking Him for the day that my daughter turns back to Him.

Praise the Lord!
Its hard not to worry about those you love who are heading in a bad direction. Glad your prayers were answered in a good way!
My hope is that your daughter is very thankful for you as well! Parents to their children are even more important now! The suicide rate has greatly increased among the children at this time due to this horrible virus, normal life has stopped for so long, children can lose hope. Those who are parents must maintain not only our own hope but there's as well!( Rom 15:13)

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