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Praise The Lord and Amen!

a man was hiking through a forest and was becoming very tired. then he stumbled upon a farm that had plenty of horses.he asked the farmer if he could borrow one."well son,"the farmer said,"i can only lend u one cause all the others are working.but it is a special horse.if u want to make it go say praise the Lord, and if u want it to stop say amen. now the man climbed on and shouted praise the Lord, the horse ambled along it picked up speed after a time and didn't stop.by this time the man could not remember what to say to make it stop.he saw a cliff Right in front of him.then he started to pray of course at the end of he said amen.he horse stopped right at the adge of the cliff.the man breathed a sigh of relief and shouted praise the Lord.....

hehe I thought this one was cute so I thought Id share it with you all
Heard that before but reminded me how funny it was

Very VERY Funny

Love jokes that have a slightly wicked streak....

hmmm not sure what that says...