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Praise the King of kings

I've been listening to this song this past week by Elevation Worship. It is a call to worship and praise the true King....

All our worship will belong to You forever
Holy holy for all eternity
Yours is the name that reigns above all others
Jesus Christ the King above all kings
Jesus Christ the King above all kings

What would you do If He walked into the room
I totally get it... I have my questions too. I have my days of frustrations. Going through difficult times can make a person loose hope. Going through times of sufferings can make a person feel lost or weak. But God can change everything if we change our perspective by looking towards Him....

I am learning that by worshiping Him in those moments invites His presence in to where I am at. Inviting Him in those moments and asking His perspective. His answer will be surprising.

In my morning devotion by Gather Ministries (Loop/Wire) it read....
Your perfect Father in Heaven, who loves you more than you’ll ever understand. Your Father who wants more than anything for you to know the truth.

So, Father, isolate a moment for me now—just one scene, one memory, one situation—right now. Bring a moment to my mind. Show me when and where I was when I began to believe that hope was lost.
Father, now show me the truth of that moment, the truth I could not and cannot yet see. Re-frame the scene for me. Teach me how to see that moment with Your eyes.
Father, tell me more about your son, Jesus. Tell me more about hope.
Father, I confess there are places in my life where I’ve succumbed to fear and doubt and even despair. I confess I’ve doubted Your goodness and might and love for me. But I don’t want to anymore. I renounce the agreements I’ve made. I break them, in the name of your Son, and declare that I am different. New. I turn my back on the person who gave up on hope. I am someone who believes in hope. I am someone who agrees with truth.

Jesus, right in the middle of this hurt, my frustration, my stubbornness, in the dark places of my heart, do what you do best. Bring hope back. Return to me what’s has been stolen. And bind up my broken heart. Jesus, you be my hope now. I believe in You. I agree with You.

Be encouraged... we are a joy and a delight to His heart.
If you can't see it, Praise Him harder and He will come in where you are at. :)
I thank God for you, and that there is someone else who understands how imperative our own perspective is as we look towards Him.

I learned this simple truth and it hurt me to realize that if I'm asking Him for peace then it also means that I don't have peace--much of what we ask for comes right from our own perspective (gifts from above that are already given) and sometimes those things that we ask for are things we don't have but need and can only come from Him. Again, it hurt me to learn that our own perspective can be the difference between being dependent upon Him or being His friend in good works and gratitude.

I am tired of being dependent.

I need a friend with whom I am able to appreciate God and the love of God with others, and I have learned that by being dependent so often I am hindered of showing forth His goodness.

My question, 'Why?,' is a question about this: why did I not know you sooner? Why did my world become so lonely after I learned of you? Why give me wisdom hidden from the ages and the eyes of many multitudes over thousands of years? Why give me the ability to understand complex spiritual conditions?

It's scary. I became terrified after I learned what 'power' is and how easily it destroys its own vessels. Some wisdom requires a retainer that is able to house it otherwise the house (person) will fall (fail), and I've been somber for a while because of how much I've learned and what I've learned. I have often thought to myself that I've learned too much, and each time that I find myself saying this in my spirit I also find myself saying that it's still not enough because outside of my own living there's a child, a mother, a family---there's so many someone's out there whose severe sufferings are coming from malevolence in high places and it feels like I'm not able to live till they can live theirs. I've received a kind of discernment that is painful--an understanding that must, at some point, be moved for them.

There's so much risk and uncertainty. There's so much danger. It's so difficult and painful to search out the keys of peace and love, and malevolence hates these.
I think we can be dependent upon our Lord as well as being His friend. To be dependent is to realize He is my source when I don't have the answers and I can be His friend when He needs me to be what He has called me to be ... an encourager, an intercessor, a servant to those who He is trying to reach.

I've asked those same questions as you did about "Why". But if I knew all the "whys", it wouldn't have caused me to search for Him for the answers. Hmmm....That brings to me a remembrance of Proverbs 25:2. In the Passion Translation, it says....

God conceals the revelation of His word in the hiding place of His glory.
But the honor of kings is revealed by how they thoroughly search out
the deeper meaning of all that God says.

He is a joy and a delight to my heart and I love His word.

In 1 Peter 2:9 (TPT), it reads....

But you are God’s chosen treasure—priests who are kings, a spiritual “nation” set apart as God’s devoted ones. He called you out of darkness to experience His marvelous light, and now He claims you as His very own. He did this so that you would broadcast His glorious wonders throughout the world.

He has called us to broadcast His wonders through our testimonies and our worship of Him. It can be a scary time but He has called us for such a time as this .... so it can be an exciting time too. It depends upon our perspective and who we are truly looking at.

God bless twcstp111. He has positioned you beautifully. Just rest in His Presence.
You're a wise woman. You have an aptitude for discernment and your thinking is very good.

it wouldn't have caused me to search for Him for the answers

Indeed, in order for the answer to be acknowledge so must the question--and if the question is acknowledge then so is the search--it's the why behind the why, and this produces access to more insight and more wisdom. I know that His wisdom is that of righteousness--principles of virtue which are from above (Him)--the ways of living that have been decreed and are of the kind which are perfect in goodness and uprightness.

God and our Lord are very, very, very good--but as you know, wickedness is content with wickedness and virtue with virtue, and when either is in its opposite place there is vexation.

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and direction.

Bless you.

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