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praise report!

I just want to thank our Heavenly Father above for everything he has given us. I have nothing specifically that I am writting this for.

He is the Almighty. He works in mysterious and awsome ways! He always provides and in ways that we wouldnt even imagine!

My husband lost his job and we were a little discouraged. But God led him to a job a week ago. it is double his income from his last one. finances were rough but God is providing in awsome ways!! Thank you Lord. My dayhome is getting more clients as well. within the last week.

God also has a sence of humor. sometimes I complained to HIm that we didnt even have enough for a loaf of bread.... and a couple of hours a friend of mine said she was shopping and wanted me to pick a loaf of bread! lol.!!

God is awsome. in every way !!

though things go rough... doesnt mean that God has left us or abadoned us in anyway. God allows things to happen. and I have realized that whatever we go through it will strengthen us in one way or another.
I know God has such a big plan for me and my family.... and hes working in us. Getting us ready for his plan. God has showed me that time and time again.

Its important that we learn to trust Him. Constatnly. Doesnt matter the situations that arise.

The Holy Spirit has showed me also that with my health.... that I keep envisioing a healing. The words that come out of your mouth are very important .... to watch what you say. If you say..." I wont get healed (for example).... that is doubt. You need to have 100% faith. and whatever doubt you have replace that with faith.

I cant wait for the day to come on here and share with you all how God healed me!!

I am very blessed to be apart of Talk Jesus. Its amazing how we get lead here isnt it??

Thank you Father!! You are so amazing. I want to sing and jump for joy just because he is an awsome God and he is so faithful, forgiving and loving.!!

Thank you all for being great brothers and sisters to me. May God bless you all. I love you so much.

love in Christ
Thanks Jessid


I am inspired by your thanks.

God Bless You.

Thank you for sharing.
Jessi, you are such a strong member here at talkjesus, God has used you with your honesty and testimony. You have been an open book to us all. You encourage me with your strength. Thank you. May His hand be upon you and protect you and bless you in all your needs.
Staff Member
That is very nice jessid. I love the loaf of bread part :) A person couldn't pull that off and make someone laugh, but the way GOD did got me laughing pretty hard indeed.

GOD is great!
Oh Jessi how I understand when I read this I just had a huge smile the whole time!!! About a month ago I had a very small amount of milk and I have three kids who love cereal and other things that require milk. I had no money to get more and you know what??? A 1/4 cup of milk lasted 1 week. And believe me everyone here had there fair share of milk !!! Our God is an awesome God!!! It's awesome to read wonderfull praise reports of love and thankfullness. That is why I love coming here to Talk Jesus!!! God bless.