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Praise report of answered prayers

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My lovely daughter had a major operation on her foot to correct it and put her heel back in place. The surgeon was hoping to get her foot to 90 degrees or as near as he could but was not sure if he could. He is an excellent surgeon.

Many Prayers were prayed by various people online where I have most contacts.

She also prayed a positive prayer that all would be fine and no infections as she has been prone to get them after an operation. No pain was included in her prayer. She came through the operation and did not suffer with pain like others she spoke to during her stay of 4 days.

She had to go back to have plaster changed faster than she was meant to as it was too loose. God had already begun a healing by taking down the swelling. She does not heal fast naturally. We knew that He was doing some work in this area.

She also had a lump which meant she could not even wear a shoe on her foot.

Today 3 months later she goes back and has to go for x ray to make sure foot is ok for plaster cast to be removed for good. Praise God all was good there.

The surgeon and some colleagues with him were amazed when she told them she had no pain and no problems with the foot.

He was happy with the ankle type boots she had found and bought last week when she went to town with me. They are good for supporting her feet and ankle.

She was told too that she would need something in shoe to bring to height of other leg half a cm.

She says she does not need this either as it has grown to same height too.

She has a form to get physio but is determined she will walk and not need to go there either.

She came home and we went to town. She was so happy she was grinning from ear to ear as she now has a straight foot and one she can now start to walk on again after 16 years of not being able to walk. 'Look its straight' she shows it to me.

She wanted to walk round a shop she has never been able to get in with her mobility scooter as it is too cramped. Not wanting to use crutches either. Very plucky and determined young lady. She stands in the shop and says I have a balance now did not have it before.

She did walk like a baby tiny steps wobbly but on her own. Such joy. This has been her desire for such a long time.

If she had not had the operation she would have had knee and hip troubles. She had complained of aching hips before the operation. I praise God for the way He has healed her and the scars are nearly invisible she has told me too. This is far better than we could have hoped or dreamed of.

Thank you JESUS for You are the great healer and physician. All the glory goes to You
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I have heard since posting that her toes are straight. They were bent before. I cannot wait to see this for myself too.

God you are so great with You nothing is impossible. You never cease to amaze me.

God bless all :rose: :rainbow: :love:
:sun: This is an awesome, glorious, miracle of Jesus!

I praise the Lord with you, sister, proclaim His mighty works to all that listen.

This has the seal of God's work all over it. Your daughter is a blessing; she is plucky and full of life, faith, and intelligence. God bless her, and her mother!
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