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Praise God

Praise God. The more I learn about him... the more I want to learn.

I was walking down the street one day and I heard a voice. It said."Do u know when the end is coming? do u? huh, huh do u?"
Alot of people think that I have imagined that. But it was real?

I dont know why it happened though.

I was terrified when I heard it. It was like someone had talked right into my ear. but no one was there.

I dont know what it was.. but it changed my life. I believe that that was Gods way of helping me get my life straight. I have been faithful to hiom ever since that day. God is so great!!! I want to do so much for him. I want to run down the streets dancing and praising God.!!!

Thank you Jesus for the great website. Its so great that we can come here and worship you!!!