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Praise God! I thought Satan had won this time.

Praise God! Hey ya'all, if you would all be so kind to read this, please allow me to tell you about a chance I was given to challenge a friend in the Faith and ask him about his spiritual life.

But first let me say, "HI, my name is Sucat! The meaning of which is "warlike"---whoever said spiritual warfare had to be without encouragement and kindness."

I work at a packaging company where many young teens work. It's a small business---but the Boss is a Christian. I work there among many kind people---with whom I love talking to. Well, I had met this young guy a while back and we instantly loved talking to one another. We talked about various subjects but I never had gotten the chance to have a serious or heart-felt talk to him about his Spiritual life. So I decided that it was time to have a serious chat. However, it was tough talk'in to him because he was only at work like once a week. He was so elusive and very quiet. I even told him this. I said with a smile, "Ya know it's tough talk'in to ya. You're so elusive. One day I'm gonna have to capture you and make you talk!" He smiled back.

So one day I told him that on his break I wanted to have a one-to-one talk with him. Especially because, I being his friend, had serious doubts about his understanding of what the entire Gospel was. I just wanted to make sure about his life with Christ. I recently just learned about how important it is to ask people how their Spiritual Life is doing. So we met on his lunch break but---unexpectedly---we had a very annoying and uninvited co-worker barge himself into the lunch room and sit right between us. Me and my guy friend just stared at each other with blank faces as this co-worker began eating his sloppy Subway sandwhich. Nevertheless, I started my converstation. But with every word I spoke this co-worker would interrupt and replace my words with sarcastic remarks and jokes that were not aligned with the conversation. And I mean, usually this co-worker is a gentleman---so I don't know what was up with him that day. In any event, I was forced to abandon my entire plan for a talk. I was depressed! I just slumped in my chair with my head behind a newspaper and just kept repeating in my mind over and over, "I'm such an idiot! Oh, Lord, I tried sooo hard for you....but Satan got the best of me today." There was this incredible silence for a while (except for the lip smacking and slurrping from this annoying co-worker). Eventually, my guy friend exclaimed nervously, "Ooohhhh, well, so it seems my time is up...I guess...I'll get back to work." This drove home the pain. I just sat in that lunch room alone for a while trying to sort things out. Then I had heard that I was put on the same job as my friend---which was really rare. However, Satan was up to his old tricks again. This co-worker began playing as loud as possible very embarrassing and off-color music. I blushed with shame and stormed up to his radio and shut it off! He finally got the message and was silent the entire time. Finally some talk time. But I was still recovering from the last offense and I couldn't bring myself to say anything. Finally, my guy friend came up to me and said thoughtfully, "Are you sad because you didn't get to talk to me?" I blushed and said, "Yes, well, just a little." I was silent for a while--I know Satan was trying to hold me back. But finally, I asked a question and one thing led to another. I indeed was able to have a serious and heart-felt talk with him. I explained to him about what the true entire Gospel was and what God's Holy Law was used for and how important it was to have a deep passion for Christ. I even got to tell him how much I cared for him and that I was still praying for him. He smiled and said he would search out everything I had told him and that he had no disagreements. Cool, cool, cool!!!!!! Praise God! It was hard to be so bold and sincere (especially because I'm such a small and timid sort of girl) but it was worth it! God answered my prayer. I had prayed earlier for the priviledge to talk to this guy.

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I just want to say job well done on not giving up and every opportunity you get see how this man is doing. All glory be to God. God was not gonna let the enemy have his way that day. Love in Christ, Amber.
Sucat, I do not have words enough to express how pleased I am for you. I just smile and smile when I see how God is using you. Keep the fire!

Love in Christ,
Dreamer (Jan)