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Praise God, I am Training for a Marathon

What a joy it is to be able to run for a great cause. Now until April 30th, I am training with the Group Team In Training for the Nashville Country Music Marathon. We are raising money for cancer research. If you share this passion of running, I loved to hear from you. Two weeks ago a goal of reaching 20 miles in a single workout was accomplished. I am sure that other runners have experienced the same thrill of completing such a long distance.

Share your running stories and lets keep our temple strong.
I'm a runner too

That marathon is really cool, but the longest distance I have ran is 12km. I'm still in high school. Thus an maraton is too long for me and im a track atlete! But keep up the great work- running itself is inspiring! It just makes me feel more part of nature and it is as if I look closer at nature while running.:love: