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Praise God for my Earthly Father!

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Blue_Roses, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. I want to shout out a praise to my Heavenly Father for giving me such an incredible earthly father! I love and respect my Dad more than you could imagine and he has always been my wise spiritual counselor. He prays with me and supports me. It makes me consider how my Dad loves me more than I will ever know and what I do know, blows my mind with gratitude. And I try to wrap my mind around how much God loves me a million times more than that. I am blessed to have a Dad as a good example. I weep for those who were abused or neglected by their Dads. Those could have a harder time warming up to a Heavenly Father as God and I have seen it. One story that breaks my heart is about a friend I grew up with. Her Dad converted to Judaism before she was born. He also raped her and molested her. On top of all that, he wanted her to call him "Abba" That is so sick and angers me.

    Having our Dad's in our lives showing us God's love is so important. Praise God for the "stand up men" Dad's who follow Jesus and guide us to Him.

    And pray for my friend,I will call-- "A"

    May we all walk in love today. :angel-animated::angel-animated:
  2. Praying for "A", that she be healed emotionally and spiritually, and that her father know our Lord as He truly is, and that he would either repent and turn to Him in truth, or that he would understand the price we pay for our sins, and at least repent of them and turn away from them.
  3. #3 spirit1st, Jul 20, 2013
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2013
    I pray the LORD helps that person. I had step DADS. My Dad died when I was 4 years old. My last step Dad tried to kill me while I was sleeping 3 different times. He was drunk. Poor guys dead now. I used to protect Him lots and work for Him. But He mostly cheated me . and lied to my mother about me at times?

    but i never hated Him. Just felt sorry for Him. and for my Mothers sake, let him get away with lots of junk.

    But it does not really matter . Once we get older ,we are responsible for our lives .The Past is gone and we should not let it control our future.

    So many build there lives around a bad past? It not good it harmful to US

    Listen by not forgiving ? It only hurts us. That does not mean we should be friends or buddies with those who are evil . But We can forgive and allow our Father GOD to deal with whatever ?

    I have had LOTS of bad stuff happen in my life time? But I do not hate anyone ,nor want anyone to go to hell. If I could not forgive someone ? Then I know ,I just ask my Father God to replace those bad thoughts in me. He would.
  4. praise the Lord for your your great earthly father, God bless your family.

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