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Practising your righteousness before others

Discussion in 'Ethics & Morality' started by Lanolin, May 7, 2017.

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  1. What does this mean? Why does Jesus tell us to not do this? What kinds of things should chrstians not praying in public? Because many of us do this in some ways where we ARE seen by others, like sometimes in schools. . Does this mean we shouldnt do it, or does it mean something else?

    Matthew 6:1
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  2. Hi Lanolin,
    There is a difference between praying around people and praying so people will notice you and think your super spiritual.
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  3. Thats true. I mean if we didnt pray in schools the children would miss out cos they pray too. But I do tell them they can do it anywhere or at home in private and I do tell them to shut their eyes so they arent looking at anyone, and also to concentrate on God I shut my eyes too..but then one of the teacher said to me..No dont shut your eyes! you're the teacher! Lol
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  4. I think the key question we should ask ourselves is: 'who is my audience?'
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  5. @Lanolin
    I think you mean Matthew 6:6 instead of 6:1
    If you'd like I can make that correction for you.
  6. No, I mean matthew 6:1. You can read further down if you want to, where he gives an example it. But Jesus might have meant other things as well.
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  7. This applies to more than just our prayers. If we practice righteousness to be seen by others, then it isn't really practicing righteousness, is it? It is practicing hypocrisy, which is what the Pharisees did. They tried to look righteous and appear religious on the outside to impress people, but inside they were full of wickedness. What they had was self-righteousness, not God's/Jesus' righteousness being lived out through their lives. If we go around promoting ourselves, trying to impress others with our spirituality or with our biblical knowledge, but it is only for show, all the while inside we are living wickedly, then that is hypocrisy, whether it is in our prayers, our worship, our preaching, or just our every day living. Yet, we must be careful here that we don't go around judging other people's motives without knowledge, for we could be very wrong about why people do what they do.
  8. hmm would it apply to..'christian' bands. Before CCM, if you sung hymns you NEVER promoted yourself. But now people that play christian music have their own albums where their name is above the title and it's all about THEIR music, rather than the songs which are to bring glory to God, not the artist.

    I always found that hypocritical and imitating the world....
  9. I can think of some instances...well there is this singer called Amy Grant. For whatver reason, she chose to have her audience the secular world and impressing them instead of pleasing God first. So she became very popular with the world (but also widely promoting it as christian) but at a cost of diluting her music..and this played into her own relationships as well..choosing to divorce her husband and marry another.

    And not only her but many gospel singers decided to chase after the world and mammon and make a name for themselves even if they in a christian band they still become like worldly band or rock stars and behave like them.

    So be very careful, I would say. I think being popular and people pleasing..can be a trap. Sometimes the hard road is to keep your faith pure in that quiet place when its between you and God rather than parading it around in places where it can be corrupted by how the world reacts or you become an easy target to destroy...
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  10. @Lanolin
    Reading your last post reminded me of a song whose words ring to me of a sense of urgency to faithfulness no matter the highs or lows we find ourselves in. Always looking to the purveyor of our faith, our most blessed Lord.

    It's contemporary christian, but it's the words that moved me, and not so much the music.
    I posted it here a little while ago and I hope you enjoy least the words and how they ring to what you have posted. :)

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.

  11. Oh like to hear it where did you post it?

    CCM has got to be very individualistic and personal and I find that its not the best for worship with others a lot of the time. Ok if you alone in your room and between you and God but I think it does lose something when its kind of 'performed' in front of others.

    The best worship songs in congregation settings are proclaiming the Lord Jesus Christ as OUR saviour and God as OUR Father. So everyone can join in...we are family and belong to each other..could this be what Jesus is getting at..that he has no respect of persons..the people in the worship team or praise band arent above those who are singing in the pews...
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